When buying tile products on the wholesale marketplace, it’s critical to work with a specialist with comprehensive experience offering the latest tile options. But for those with limited experience in this area, it can be challenging to separate the top companies from those offering a sub-par level of service. To help guide this process, the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath in Vancouver is now highlighting three questions to ask a wholesale floor tile provider.

    1. What is Your Experience?

      The tile company’s experience is absolutely critical to the entire sales process. Their experience levels will help buyers learn more about how the company has been successful in the past and about their understanding of the marketplace over the long-term. Newer wholesalers often don’t have the network to provide their customers with the newest products from the top manufacturers and so working with experienced specialists is the best way to access the leading wholesale floor tile options available within the Vancouver industry.

    2. What Options are Available?

      It’s important that the wholesaler is able to provide a complete selection of options for the home. For example, they should be able to offer numerous floor tiles for kitchen and bathroom spaces and they should be able to offer both the newest products and those products that offer classical appeal when integrated in the home. It’s also important that the products available from the company are built by the most respected manufacturers. And so when communicating with Vancouver floor tile wholesale firms, try to make sure they’re working with recognized leaders in the tile manufacturing industry.

    3. What is the Pricing?

      One of the key advantages of working directly with a wholesaling company is that they’re able to offer reduced pricing on their selection. This means that buyers can buy tiles for an entire project at a far lower cost than they might when working with a retail company directly. The savings can be exceptional when added up over time. But it’s critical to find out as much as possible about the final tile price before confirming the purchase.

The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has decades of experience offering affordable tile options from the top manufacturers to discerning homeowners throughout the marketplace. To learn more on the company and their product line, contact their sales team now at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at www.fontile.com.