Modern bathrooms are characterized by minimalist design, visual spaciousness and the predominance of neutral tones.

Harmony, functionality and technology. Modern bathrooms have become personal sanctuaries where contemporary aesthetics combine with comfort, creating welcoming and avant-garde atmospheres. Discover the most important keys to designing modern bathrooms.

Interior design has evolved, and modern bathrooms have become a space for creative expression. Small details have taken on special relevance, impacting the design and perception of spaces.

Nantes Acero three-dimensional tiles, by Porcelanosa, and Blind Roble Cobre bathroom furniture, by Gamadecor.

1- Ceramics

Ceramic tiles are the preferred wall tile for bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to its technical and hygienic advantages, it plays a decorative role in the creation of modern bathrooms. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of options that go beyond the use of ceramic tiles in neutral tones. Here are the main types of tiles for modern bathrooms.

 Large format. This is a growing trend. The large pieces reduce the joints and create a cleaner and more contemporary look. They also give a feeling of spaciousness and visual fluidity, making them a perfect choice for larger modern bathrooms.

 Textured or embossed. Choosing textured or embossed ceramic tiles for walls can transform the look of bathrooms. If you want to highlight the washbasin area, use a different covering to the rest of the room.

 Three-dimensional. This type of tile adds visual interest and depth, as well as playing with light and shadow. In this way, they lend a unique and sophisticated atmosphere to modern bathrooms.

 Mosaics. Geometric patterns add an artistic and modern touch to the space. The combination of shades in the mosaics enhances the visual perception of the room.

 Colours. Grey or dark blue and bottle green are trendy. These colours give a sense of luxury and elegance, especially when combined with strategic lighting. The importance of light will be discussed in more detail later.

On the other hand, apart from tiles for modern bathrooms, the use of natural stone should also be considered. The uneven veins in the rocks create interesting environments with personality.

2- Furniture

Over the years, the structure of our homes and the lifestyle we lead has changed. Generally, we are looking for furniture with design and storage capacity to suit our needs.

– Washbasin furniture. Two of the most prominent aspects of modern bathroom furniture are simplicity and visual cleanliness. Wall-hung furniture creates a sense of lightness in modern bathrooms.

  • Choice of materials. This point is decisive in the style of the room. Wood and laminates are the preferred choice. The combination with ceramics for the washbasin fronts is another design option, with an elegant and durable look.
  • Colours. Modern bathrooms accept all kinds of tones. Neutral or bright colours, it all depends on your style and taste. A good option is to introduce a touch of colour through the furniture. This way you will bring energy and liveliness.
  • Systems. Drawers with soft-close systems and internal organizers allow for better space optimization. In this way, every personal care item, towel and accessory has its place, maintaining order over time.
  • Modular furniture. They adapt to the configuration of the environment and the needs of the user. This type of versatile furniture is ideal for the design of small bathrooms with shower.

– Extra furnishings. Suspended shelves and columns provide additional areas for displaying decorative items, adding a touch of freshness and personality.

– Towel rails and hangers. These elements complement the overall aesthetics of the atmosphere. The different finishes can be coordinated with other accessories in the area.

3- Sanitary equipment

Sanitary equipment in modern bathrooms combines design, efficiency and technology.

– Toilets. The clean lines of these elements create a minimalist look. Wall-hung toilets enhance that look and reduce the visual noise of the environment.

– Washbasins. You should place the washbasin in a comfortable and functional place, which adapts to your needs. The different types of washbasins makes the choice easier. Countertop washbasins, natural stone washbasins and round or oval-shaped washbasins are in vogue. In addition, integrated washbasins such as those from Krion® and XTONE, have a unique design and visual continuity. On the other hand, double washbasins offer a visual symmetry that brings balance to modern bathrooms.

– Showers. Modern bathrooms with showers create a flowing, contemporary look. For an open feel, install floor-level showers or clear glass enclosures. Modern bathrooms with showers use showerhead technology to provide a relaxing experience. In small bathrooms with showers, space is optimized by looking for storage capacity.

– Bathtubs. For large modern bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs are perfectly integrated. These elements manage to focus all the attention in the bathroom, highlighting its elegance and visual appeal.

Modern bathroom with Essence washbasin and C Finish Studio toilet-bidet, Lei Mineral Stone shower tray and sanitary ware, all by Noken.

4- Decoration

The introduction of decorative elements enriches the aesthetics of modern bathrooms. The combination of materials such as wood, stone and plants creates a connection to nature. Thus, the modern aesthetic is softened, providing a relaxing look.

– Accessories. Decorative or aromatic elements such as candles, mikados, pictures or small vases create a personal and warm atmosphere.

– Plants. Introducing plants into the bathroom adds a fresh touch and improves air quality. Ferns, orchids or small vertical gardens are some options.

– Metallic accents. Incorporating metallic details in taps, handles or toilet roll holders adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the room. Gold, copper or brushed nickel are options that fit perfectly in modern bathrooms.

– Decorative profiles. The combination of bathroom accessories, such as taps or shower columns, with metal profiles is essential. The profiles unify the design of the rooms, enhancing the aesthetics of modern bathrooms. They are also used to decorate ceramic tiles, a growing trend.

5- Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in modern bathroom design. Although the best option is to make the most of natural light, here are some lighting possibilities to make the most of your bathroom and make it warmer.

– LED lighting. They provide soft and adjustable lighting. The LED profiles allow the lighting to be integrated into the ceramic tiling itself or into the underside of the shelves. This improves visibility and gives rooms a futuristic look.

– Pendant luminaires. Hanging lamps over focal points, such as the bathtub or a decorative element, help to dress up the ambience. Recessed lighting is another highly recommended option for minimalist interiors.

– Backlit mirrors. Backlit mirrors are handy for grooming routines such as applying make-up or shaving. They add a contemporary touch to modern bathrooms as well as convenience.

6- Technology

In modern bathrooms there is a fundamental element: technology, which is integrated into the room. Through different elements, technology in modern bathrooms facilitates the saving of water resources and energy efficiency.

– Taps. The centrally positioned opening only allows cold water to flow through, avoiding unnecessary use of hot water. This also reduces energy consumption. At the same time, touchless taps are becoming increasingly popular. They promote water savings and better hygiene by avoiding physical contact with the tap itself.

– Toilets. There are toilets that allow more or less water to be flushed according to the user’s needs. All Noken models include this system.

– Shower heads. With the shower limiters, the flow rate of the shower is reduced by up to 75%, while maintaining comfort. The different effects increase the feeling of well-being in modern bathrooms with shower.

– Underfloor heating. Thanks to this system, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. The suelo radiante has numerous advantages, mainly enhancing the feeling of comfort in the room.

If you want to know in detail all the technologies that make up Noken’s sanitary equipment, visit this page.

In conclusion, modern bathroom design is the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Modern bathroom tiles are key elements in the transformation of spaces. So is the furniture. With your creativity and the right combination of the points mentioned above, you will achieve warm and charming modern bathrooms.

Text: Porcelanosa