Kitchens with a breakfast bar offer a perfect combination of functionality and style. An element capable of transforming the aesthetics and the way in which we interact in this room.

This type of design enhances the ability to encourage social interaction in the kitchen. Their integration into the living or dining area promotes a sense of connection and conviviality, transforming the cooking experience into something more than a domestic chore.

Bar kitchens are one of the great innovations in kitchen design today. It is the clearest example of the change in the concept of the kitchen. A space that until a few years ago remained hidden and relegated the chef to the solitude of the cooker. Nowadays, these areas allow chefs to interact with their guests while preparing their dishes. An integration with the living room or dining room that generates a sense of connection and conviviality.

In addition, kitchen counters can serve as a focal point for informal gatherings. Whether enjoying a morning coffee with the family or serving cocktails during a party, they are elements for socializing and sharing special moments with loved ones.

Kitchen with bar E9.30 XTONE Fiori Di Bosco Nature E7.90 Oak Night and stool Forma Oak Night.

What are kitchens with a bar

Bar kitchens are designs of this type of room that incorporate a raised and generally narrow surface. This is usually located next to the worktop or as an extension of it and can have multiple functions. From providing additional space for food preparation to providing an eating area.

The length and height of this element can vary according to the needs and preferences of the users. It can be long enough to accommodate several seats and can be used for informal conversations and quick meals. It can also be reduced in size and used as an extension of the worktop.

In terms of aesthetics, kitchen counters can add a distinctive touch to the home. Raised breakfast bars can create a sense of separation between the kitchen and dining room. A kitchen with a breakfast bar that is open to the living room encourages a sense of continuous flow in more open-plan spaces.

Types of kitchens with bar

Bar kitchens are versatile and can be adapted to a wide variety of styles and needs. These are the most common types of counter kitchens:

Linear kitchen with bar

This design features a long bar that extends along one wall, providing additional surface area. It is ideal for long, narrow kitchens, as it maximizes the use of the available space.

L-shaped kitchen with bar

The bar is arranged perpendicularly at the end of an L-shaped worktop. This configuration allows a clear separation between the kitchen and the dining area. It also provides an informal space for dining and socializing.

Kitchen with bar, by Gamadecor.

U-shaped kitchen with bar

Similar to the L-shaped kitchen, with a bar extending from one of the corners. This design creates a natural flow between the food preparation area and the dining area. At the same time, it maximises the available surface area.

Kitchen island with bar

A kitchen island with a bar on one side is the perfect choice for large, spacious kitchens. The island provides additional space for food preparation, storage and appliances, while the bar offers a place to eat or chat.

Kitchens open to the living room with bar

The kitchens open to the living room with a bar combines the living or dining area with a bar that acts as a transition point between the two spaces. With this alternative, social interaction is improved and a continuous flow between the two areas is achieved.

Small kitchens with bar

All rooms, regardless of size, are suitable for this type of design. Breakfast surfaces are a solution especially designed for small kitchens with a breakfast bar.

Kitchen with natural stone bar and worktop, and Dorcia Acero flooring by Porcelanosa.

Functionality, aesthetics and style

One of the highlights of bar kitchen design is their optimized functionality. These elements provide an additional surface for preparing food, serving meals or even working from home. A kitchen with a bar and stools, for example, adds an informal dining space. The best option for busy families. This versatility is especially valuable in modern homes where every centimetre counts.

Countertop kitchens can also be used strategically to maximize storage. Cabinets and drawers underneath can provide additional space for storing cooking utensils, pots and pans. All this helps to keep the room organized and clutter-free.

Bar kitchens also offer a unique opportunity to add a touch of style and personality to the home. There are endless possibilities to adapt them to the overall aesthetics of the house and the personal preferences of the owner. In this respect, the materials selected will play a crucial role. From natural wood such as Rustic Wood Top Natural by L’Antic Colonial to large format porcelain tiles such as XTONE Liem Grey by Porcelanosa, the choice of the substrate can influence the overall look of the kitchen. Other options include solid surfaces such as Krion® or even natural stone, such as granite or quartz.

But the outer skin is just as important as the inner structure. That is why it is essential to have elements such as Butech’s Concept XPS panels. Panels especially suitable for worktops or kitchen furniture that provide thermal insulation, resistance and freedom of design.

Kitchen with wall and floor tiles, by L’Antic Colonial.

Practical and ergonomic considerations

While there are many benefits to designing kitchens with a breakfast bar, it is important to keep a few things in mind during the planning process. The height and size must be appropriate to ensure comfort and functionality. It is recommended that the height is between 90 and 110 centimeters, which allows for comfortable eating and sitting.

In addition, it is crucial to consider the surrounding surface when planning the layout of this element. There should be enough space for users to be able to sit on the stools, while at the same time being able to access the different parts of the room.

In conclusion, bar kitchens offer a perfect combination of functionality and style. From their versatility in everyday use to their ability to encourage social interaction, these areas have become an essential feature in many homes. A wide variety of designs, materials and layouts make counter kitchens the perfect choice for your kitchen renovation.

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Text: Porcelanosa