Fontile Kitchen & Bath

A Top Leader of Vancouver Tile Stores

Here at Fontile Kitchen & Bath, we’ve long been recognized for the value our products and services can bring to our clients. We help thousands of homeowners each year to upgrade their properties with the latest tile, kitchen and bathroom products. With over 60 years’ experience in the marketplace and one of the industry’s finest collection of European products, few Vancouver stores can match Fontile Kitchen & Bath for the highest quality product and attentive service from our design team.

Clients Entrust Fontile

Quality Products

With a range of tile, kitchen and bathroom products available from the foremost manufacturers across Europe, we offer a catalog that is unmatched by any other local Vancouver tile stores. Our selection includes the leading ceramic, natural wood, and porcelain options, along with an extensive range of contemporary kitchen and bathroom elements, each designed for resplendent appeal in the modern home.

Assured Guidance

Our many decades of experience in the Vancouver marketplace has helped Fontile Kitchen & Bath become the foremost tile and renovation stores in the industry. It’s an experience level that means homeowners across the region can now turn to our specialists for guidance on all tile and home renovation challenges and questions.

Affordable Products

The affordable tiles offered through Fontile Kitchen & Bath assists our clients consolidate their costs as they acquire the best products for their home. We offer a comprehensive array of continually-updated clearance products for our loyal clientele, all of which are supplied by our leading European suppliers.

Fontile Kitchen & Bath is a trusted specialist for the market’s leading tile products. To learn more on our selection or speak with an expert, call us at (604) 683-9358.