Custom Kitchen Design

Fontile Kitchen & Bath has become one of the leading market specialists for custom Kitchens & Bathrooms. We combine a comprehensive understanding of kitchen and bathroom design elements with a commitment to offering refined flooring, cabinetry, and faucets to deliver  unparalleled service to our clientele. Our Kitchen & Bathroom designers follow a seamless process to provide you with all the elements you need to help you achieve the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams with the convenience of having it sourced from one location. Our team of Kitchen and Bathroom Designers utilize a selection of handpicked local and international cabinetry suppliers to ensure their projects are able to meet all designs and timelines while working within a range of budget requirements.


Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Design Team


Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we meet with you at our showroom to discuss your kitchen and bathroom design. Our kitchen and bathroom designers will outline the range of possibilities available and help you explore the potential for your home kitchen and bathroom space. This consultation is completely free and is designed to help you understand our design and manufacturing process. The consultation will provide you with the opportunity to speak with specialized kitchen and bathroom designers to highlight your personal design preferences,  and ensure the ideal foundation to the project.

Budget Estimate

Once the consultation is complete, we’ll develop a full layout of your new kitchen space with improved functionality features. Once you’ve approved the budget for the project as well as the design layout, you then pay the designer your retainer to move forward with the final design work. This one-time fee is applied to the final purchase price for all cabinetry. At this stage, our expert kitchen and bathroom designer obtains relevant information from the job site, measuring the space and inspecting the structures within the area. Once this process has been completed, detailed drawings of all kitchen cabinetry and the kitchen or bathroom layout will be finalized.

Ordering Cabinetry

Then it’s time for the ordering process to take place. At this stage, the designer ensures the cabinetry will accommodate the appliances and plumbing fixtures selected. Upon approval of the cabinetry layout, the order deposit of 50% is due. This balance is due, less a customer hold back, before the delivery of the cabinetry to your home and can be paid via various convenient payment methods.

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Professional Installation Not Sure You Do This?

Now your design elements are ready for expert installation. Our experienced installers will remain in close contact with your design team throughout to ensure the process is moving forward seamlessly. The design team will also visit the home on occasion to inspect all elements of the work and compare the work with the layout plans.

Post Installation Analysis

During the post-installation stage, our team will work alongside you to review all elements of the kitchen’s or bathroom’s new design and to outline the functionality of newly installed products. They will also confirm with you that all requirements have been met as they compete a thorough analysis.

Expert After Sales Support

Fontile is a trusted market leader. As such, we’ve formed one of the most comprehensive customer support systems within the marketplace. Fontile’s after sales experts are available to speak with you at any point in the future to discuss your interior design work.

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