Over the decades, the family bathroom has been continuously transforming into a luxurious focal point in the contemporary home. That helps explain our febrile interest in 2024 bathroom trends this year like every other year in recent times.

As part of our series of home décor trends, we have gathered together a dozen 2024 bathroom design trends to inspire and delight. From finishes and colours to sanitary ware and artwork, the following listings reflect current designer-led trends in the bathroom. There has never been so much choice and creativity in what was once considered solely a functional space.

We invite you to dream about how your own bathroom can transform into the best version of itself with these 2024 bathroom trends. A year when bathrooms will continue to break free from the shackles of the past to become a luxury spa-like facility in the home.

Porcelanosa Bathroom

Colourful bathroom with blue fixtures and rose gold taps by Porcelanosa.

#01     Functional Elements as Decoration

During the year ahead, we are going to see a greater focus on the functional aspects of the bathroom. Without sacrificing the enjoyment of the space, however, decorative elements will be more functional. This might be a designer mirror with an interesting shape; more sculptural washbasins; or perhaps a feature shower fitting. Art and design will be more integrated with the bathroom space than ever.

#02     Bathroom tile trends

The interest in 3D wall tiles is going to still be a big influence on 2024 bathroom trends. Textured wall tiles add warmth and luxury to any bathroom. We will be seeing more feature walls and panels of tiles, areas such as behind the WHB and shower enclosures.

Another distinctive bathroom tile trend that continues apace is large bathroom tiles. The advantages of large format tiled surfaces in the bathroom means fewer joints and easier cleaning. Not to mention the killer looks of large bathroom wall tiles that ooze luxurious chic. Team the trend with marble effect tiles for bathroom walls that give off a home spa ambience.

#03     Bathroom Ceilings

Most bathrooms, generally speaking, do not occupy a huge area in terms of square meters. The bathroom ceiling is an often-overlooked resource, but this year it’s going to move center stage. The ceiling expanse can be decorated in any number of ways: painted with a vibrant colour shade, or even a gloss finish, or alternatively wallpaper adds an impacting flourish. 2024 bathroom trends will see the ceiling converted into a practical canvas for playful experiments.

Porcelanosa Bathroom

Light yellow sanitaryware bathroom by Porcelanosa

#04     Metallic Accent Combinations

Although this is a tricky trend to pull off successfully, bathroom accessories this year will feature a variety of metals. Whether it’s bathroom faucets, towel rails, toilet roll holders or shower heads, there’s going to be a definite metallic accent. The look creates a lived-in aesthetic as if the bathroom has evolved organically.

We recommend consulting a colour chart to see what specific tones go well with what. The gold bathroom can be combined with matt black or copper accents. Stainless steel and rose gold tones also work well together.

#05     Bathroom Colours

2024 is the year colour returns to the bathroom. Unlike the 1970s however, there is going to be a lot more nuance. Colour palettes are going to be soft and evocativepastels and warmer tones are going to be more visible this year. Subtle tonal accents such as goldbrass and copper are going to highlight these colours and add dimension to the space.

Avid fans of rich chromatic combinations are going to find more choices than ever in bathroom artefacts. We recommend combining these colours with more neutral floor tiles and textured wall treatments to temper the boldness of the décor.

#06     Open Plan Bathrooms

As we mentioned in the first article of this series, bathroom layouts are going to change this year. We are going to be seeing more niches and sub-divisions in bathroom zoning. Arches and different flooring finishes will help to define dry and wet areas.

In addition, the increasingly popular integration of the bathtub into the bedroom area will continue to influence designers. This blurring of the boundary between sleep and bathroom functions adds space and light to both areas. We recommend consulting a professional to consider issues like steam and condensation, however.

Bathroom with colorful sanitary ware and rose gold brassware by Porcelanosa

# 07    Floating Wash Hand Basins

It’s all about the clean silhouette of the spa-like bathroom in 2024. We will be seeing more dimensions and larger expanses in both the illusion and the reality of family bathroom spaces.

Floating vanity units, for example, visually extend the space. They are as practical as they are good looking with fewer crevices and junctions when cleaning floor tiles beneath. The floating WHB is being combined with feature tiles, textured, 3D or crafted options that draw the eye.

#08     Freestanding Bath

Another of the stand-out 2024 bathroom trends we’ll be luxuriating in this year is the freestanding bathtub. Choose white or a more daring colour for extra impact. Accessories with metallic and position the tub close to a window or skylight for the maximum effect.

#09     Wood Furniture & Accents in 2024 Bathroom Trends

Wood is a material not necessarily associated with the bathroom which is going to be a lot more visible this year. Whether it’s timber effect wall tiles, floating shelving or vanity units, we will see a lot of timber accents sympathetically combined with other materials. Wood comes in any number of different tones but is always warm and tactile.

Sand tones open plan bathroom by Porcelanosa

#10     Wet Rooms in Bathrooms

We generally associate wet rooms with smaller spaces, such as shower rooms or downstairs toilets. This year 2024 bathroom trends are seeing the wet room making its way into the family bathroom. Not the entire space, but instead an enclosed zone where the shower is provided. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitioning converts the area into a steam room with a built-in bench or other seating integrated.

# 11    Biophilic Design in the Bathroom 

Nowadays the family bathroom is as much about wellness as it is about ablutions and bodily functions. Therefore, the palette of materials we choose is attracting more attention than in years gone by. During this year, we are going to see more emphasis on natural lightorganic materials, quality finishes and plants. Artefacts like rain-effect shower heads, free-standing baths and skylights help to connect back to ancestral bathing rituals.

#12     Technology in the Bathroom

Technology today is the driving force behind so many changes in décor that it’s not surprising to learn that the bathroom is no different. Water-saving faucetssmart toiletsLED lighting and internet connections are inevitably making their way into your bathroom this year. But design is the key to humanizing these devices through quality finishes, design and lighting. We recommend incorporating vertical garden planting, vintage pieces of furniture, or perhaps statement lighting to counteract the cold and detached dominance of technology.

If you have an interest in finding out more about any of these bathroom trends, just make an appointment at your showroom where our experienced staff can walk you through how best to keep your bathroom looking stylish and timeless in 2024.

Text: Porcelanosa