Earthy colors, curved shapes in accessories, and environments inspired by nature will reign in our spaces in the upcoming year

The start of a new year means renewed resolutions, the start of new projects and the thrill of changing the number on the calendar. Similarly, trends in architecture and interior design are getting a makeover to reveal what materials will be in over the next 365 days.

Monochrome looks

Dressing up spaces in a single color to add sophistication is one of the main trends for next year. The result is a simple and minimalist style that at the same time gives great personality to a room. An example of the application of the monochrome look in large-format porcelain is the XTONE Viola Blue tiles for walls and furniture in the most avant-garde kitchens.

In the same vein, the two-tone black and white is making a comeback, permeating rooms and showcasing how its fusion provides a halo of elegance. The Krion® aluminum panels with a cement look (Alluslate® and its Materica Original and Peak Steel models) cover the walls, creating a minimalist ambiance. The Brooklyn Marquina wall tiles by Porcelanosa, with their relief and matt finish, trace out fine lines to achieve a clean and pure atmosphere. At the same time, large-format ceramics are subtly taking hold, and profiles provide a decorative touch (Butech).

The charm of arches and curves

Arches typical of Renaissance architecture are back in interior design. They provide the perfect architectural detail to imbue personality and character to spaces. One of the most promising trends of the season. The alcoves and niches created by vaults become functional and decorative corners that help save space, while also providing great visual appeal. They can also be used to place seats in the shape of a bench, covering the walls with wallpaper (Skins Ra Coal by L’Antic Colonial).

In addition, curvilinear forms have taken over decorative elements: crescent-shaped sofas, oval mirrors, along with circular tables, furniture and carpets instill rooms with identity. The Forma (Noken) furniture, winner of the “Archiproducts Design Awards 2022”, has a unique design: rounded edges, openings in the center and sides. It also offers added storage space with a rotating mirror and shelves for placing everyday products. The luxury of marble contrasts with the simplicity of the curved shapes of the Lignage taps on a journey back to the 1920s to turn into an art déco jewel by Noken.

Earth colors

Brown, taupe, cinnamon, beige, tile, mink, copper and endless other tones make up the color palette that is inspired by the color and texture of the earth and its derivatives, such as clay or mud. This wide range of colors is the ultimate expression of warmth. The Parma Cotto ceramic model (L’Antic Colonial) is a true reflection of tradition, and together with the Globe Brick Indira (L’Antic Colonial) stone tiles, it offers a harmonious blend for outdoor areas.

The combination of materials in earthy tones creates highly varied interior designs: from the most avant-garde settings, with Fitwall® Wave White Sand (Krion ®), to the most opulent, with the imposing aesthetic of Pangea natural stone from Altissima by XTONE. Velvet armchairs, ceramic accessories, rustic vases with dried flowers and mushroom lamps round out the decoration of the rooms.

True nature

Although we already saw a multitude of interior designs in 2022 related to biophilia and elements with organic and sinuous shapes, this year nature remains present, shifting indoors through the use of materials and colors. The washbasins of the Slender collection by Noken represent this trend. Hand-painted, these pieces have great charm. A total of nine finishes inspired by elements of nature, such as stone and marble.

Organic takes on a new dimension. Spaces are tinted green. Walls covered with Fitwall® Rolling River Sand (Krion®) offer an exotic and natural look for use in areas where natural and timeless decoration is desired. The use of plants and fiber and cotton textiles makes for spaces that are welcoming. The introduction of a most botanical environment is sensed with Onice Green (XTONE), which takes hold of an environment through showers and toilets, creating feelings of calm and well-being.

Touch wood in kitchens

Wood is expected to be the material par excellence in kitchen furniture in 2023. It conveys a style directly associated with warm minimalism, which is characterized by natural materials and warm colors. Kitchens (Gamadecor and XTONE) are arranged into open spaces, where the duo of lighter wood and white enhance the natural light and breadth of this space, which is often connected to the living room or dining room. Straw or hanging lamps on the center island make the perfect combination, and stools of the same color as the light shades complete the ensemble.

Text: Porcelanosa