Stone tile is quickly becoming one of the most popular products for Vancouver home and business renovations. Buyers choose the material because of its durability and uniquely natural appeal, which often transcend the market trends for generations. But some property owners find the cost of stone tile products a little too high for their strict budget. And so, within this latest article, the experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath explore how Vancouver homebuyers can reduce their stone tile costs.

1. Review Bulk Purchase Opportunities

Oftentimes property owners can reduce their overall costs by purchasing stone tile in bulk. While they might not require a large order of stone tile for their home, they might be able to work with friends or other contractors to share the total cost of the bulk order, thereby achieving substantial overall savings.

2. Speak with Industry Experts

Experts at companies such as Fontile Kitchen & Bath have a clear understanding on the marketplace. They know about the latest prices and can help ensure that property owners select a product that fits within their budget while bringing long-term value to the environment. Working alongside an expert can also ensure that property owners know the qualities of the stone tile before they buy. This ensures the tile is designed uniquely for the application it is intended for.

3. Choose Based on the Latest Research

In addition to collecting information from the experts, Vancouver property owners should also make sure they conduct their own research on stone tile products. That’s because they know their project better than anyone else. They also have a clear idea or the style preferences required. Researching the local marketplace can be a great way to add to the information provided by the experts to select the ideal product.

4. Consider Warranty Options

A warranty will protect property owners in case the product they choose begins to chip or fade quickly after purchase. By picking out products with a comprehensive warranty, property owners can minimize their chances of being stuck with the wrong product for their project, and having to replace that product within a short timeframe.

5. Time Purchases Effectively

By timing their purchases effectively, homeowners can often save hundreds of dollars on their stone tile purchases. The latest data shows the best time of year to buy tile products is the spring and summer, when companies are removing inventory ready for the busier fall period.

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