A bathroom renovation project can be a significant challenge for most homeowners. There are a number of elements to consider, including the choice of shower, bath, and cabinets. But perhaps most important will be the floor tiles you select. And so within this article, the experts at Fontile Corporation in Vancouver present their five tips for selecting floor tiles.

1. For Smaller Bathrooms, Choose Neutral Colors

When selecting bathroom floor tiles for smaller Vancouver bathrooms, homeowners should try to select neutral colours that blend with the rest of the room to enhance the sense of space. Subtle shades of favourite colours will make the space feel much larger, and will impress guests more than a bright new tile that crowds the room. Homeowners with larger bathrooms can use tiles with brighter hues, particularly if the room receives a large amount of light during the summer months.

2. Consider Porcelain for Unique Patterns

Bathrooms with unique sizing parameters and small spaces in which tiles must be placed might be suitable for porcelain tiles. One of the great benefits of porcelain is that it is quite brittle, which means it’s easier to cut into unique shapes. This then allows tile design team to lay out the tile in modular shapes throughout the bathroom. For those seeking out a unique tile design, porcelain could be the ideal choice.

3. Analyze Waterproof Options

When analyzing their tile options, homeowners must review the full range of waterproof products available for selection. It’s important at this stage that know that waterproof materials vary in the level of protection they offer the home. Ceramic tiles are often the ideal option because, in addition to assuring high levels of water proofness they also support scratch resistance. This ensures that home flooring areas retain their sleek appeal over generations for a full return on investment in tile products.

4. Speak to Tile Store Experts Before Making a Final Choice

One mistake many homeowners make is reviewing tiles online and then simply telling their tile store professionals that they want a specific type of tile. Oftentimes, the specialists at the store can play a crucial role in the decision-making process. They can explain the advantages and disadvantages of a certain product that might not be apparent when reviewing tiles online.

5. Consider Professional Installation

While homeowners can save some money installing their floor tiles themselves, they might also impact the value of the tile product through poor layout work. It’s important to work with trusted installation professionals to ensure the tile is integrated in a way that enhances the value of the room and supports the full value offered by the tile product.

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