Office design is about creating environments that foster creativity, collaboration and productivity, reflecting the culture, values and image of the organization.

It can make a difference to employee satisfaction and performance, as well as conveying a positive and consistent image to customers and visitors.

Renewing and updating the design of an office from time to time is thus important to maintain a constantly evolving and motivating environment. The most innovative solutions can be your best allies in this task.

Must-haves for distinguished modern office design

Krion Lux Nebula Vanilla and Grigio reception.

Excellence in office design requires a commitment to functionality, without losing sight of innovation and sustainability.

In that sense, choosing the right materials is vital to creating a stimulating and attractive communal workspace.

Designer office furniture with Krion: Customization and durability united

When it comes to creating office furniture with Krion® there are no limits. The practicality of this material allows us to play with its forms to develop different solutions. Its versatility includes the possibility of backlit finishes and continuous lines that adapt to any design.

Krion® offers resistance and durability without sacrificing style. Qualities such as easy cleaning and low maintenance make it an excellent choice for functional office design.

In addition, the wide range of available colours allows the creation of fully customized pieces. These include the white finish, which stands out for its purity and neutrality, which fits perfectly with any office aesthetic.

Transform walls into functional works of art with Alluslate®

Alluslate® panels are a revolutionary solution to take walls to the next level.

Its lightness and ease of installation accelerate the process of renovating your offices.

The design versatility of these aluminum panels opens new doors for creativity in office design. They can be used in a variety of spaces and, with their exclusive designs, create unique rooms.

Alluslate Peak Topo Walls

Add the perfect handcrafted touch with Fitwall®

Fitwall® offers realistic designs that imitate wood, concrete, organic textures and terracotta, providing a natural aesthetic and transforming offices into true works of art.

It perfectly reproduces the materials it draws inspiration from through the innovative and handcrafted designs of its decorative panel series.

Whether on walls or ceilings, Fitwall® adds a unique touch that reflects a culture of innovation and creativity.

Tips for charming office interior design

Designing an office interior that is not only functional but also appeals to employees and visitors is an art in itself. It requires a deep understanding of how different elements, from lighting and colours to furniture and cladding, work together to create an environment that stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Fitwall Palm Caribbean Wall

Lighting and colours: Keys to a stimulating environment

Lighting and colours play a key role in creating a stimulating work environment. Adequate lighting that mimics natural light increases energy and concentration. Combining it with the right colours, such as the neutral shades of Krion® Lux, improves emotional well-being and promotes a positive working environment.

Collaborative, flexible and secure spaces that boost creativity

Office design today is all about flexibility and collaboration. Open, versatile spaces with designer office furniture that can be adapted to different needs encourage communication and creativity.

Multifunctional and sustainable furniture with Krion® Lux

Office furniture with Krion® is not only versatile in terms of form and function, but is also a sustainable choice. Krion® is an environmentally friendly material that is inert in the ecosystem. Its durability and ease of repair extend the life of objects designed with it, making it the best option to minimize waste.

Fitwall Wave Grey Sand. Residential Office.

Customised cladding with Fitwall® and Alluslate®

Cladding is capable of completely transforming the appearance of an office. Fitwall® provides natural and realistic textures offering unparalleled aesthetics. And Alluslate® makes it easy to create spectacular spaces.

The combination of the two offers endless possibilities to create a unique office.

Technological solutions that add up

Integrating technology into office design increases efficiency and convenience. Incorporating smart technology solutions, such as automation and connected devices, in combination with high-quality materials such as Krion®, Fitwall® and Alluslate®, ensures a modern and functional workspace, tailored to the needs of today’s workforce.

Small office design: Great ideas for compact spaces

Fitwall Doghe Nogal Americano – Krion Snowfall Blackness – Alluslate Materica Original

Even in small spaces, thoughtful office design can achieve great things. Innovative products make it possible to transform small offices into functional, aesthetically pleasing places full of character.

Versatile and sophisticated furniture: Krion® as a solution

For small offices, furniture needs to be versatile and practical. As it can be cut, joined and thermoformed to fit any space, Krion® offers a perfect solution by enabling the design of customized office furniture.

The result is furniture with imperceptible joints that visually expands a space. It is virtually non-porous, which prevents the accumulation of dirt on the surface and facilitates cleaning, making the space not only healthy, but also functional and attractive.

Fitwall®: Visually expanding small spaces

The perception of space can be as crucial as the actual space. Fitwall® offers a way to visually enlarge small spaces. With its realistic designs and natural textures, it helps to create a sense of spaciousness and add depth to small areas.