If one thing could sum up living room trends for 2024, it’s the fusion of styles.
Different styles, periods and even aesthetics all have a role to play in personalizing your space. This mix of styles means you can tailor the space to suit your style and needs.

Living rooms are synonymous with homeliness. It’s a room where we spend much of our free time, as well as entertain guests. If you want to enjoy your cozy home and impress your guests, keep an eye on the living room trends for 2024.

In interior design, trends reflect the world around us. Society is in constant flux, leading to a continuous evolution of living room décor and changing the way we use the room. Technology and bold tones pave the way for large sofas and concealed lighting. A set of different styles you can combine to give the room a more personal look.

Here are our 12 tips for levelling up your living room.

Treccia Natural and Treccia Deco Natural ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

#01 Your own personality

In 2024, living room trends won’t follow one decorative style in particular. Eclectic design and mixed periods will be the most standout options. Blending hard and soft lines and silhouettes will put your own individual stamp on the room. Microtrends: a great way to achieve the right look for you and your home.

#02 Bold walls are a trend for 2024 living rooms

Bold and original are the key styles we’ll be seeing on living room walls. Patterned and textured wallpapers are enjoying a major resurgence right now. Geometric and botanical motifs, or even custom designs. If you want to give your home an exclusive edge, the living room is the ideal blank canvas to start with.

Porcelanosa Livingroom.

Skins Empyreal Fizzy Ocean wallpaper by L’Antic Colonial.

#03 Structural shelving

Structural shelving is particularly important in the living room – use it as a tool to add a sense of scale and improve functionality. You could place books or sound-absorbing object on them. It all helps to make the room more welcoming. Plus, the design and excellent storage capacity mean you can use it to zone open-plan spaces. Use this element to connect the kitchen and living room, bringing the spaces together in an elegant, practical way.

#04 Ceramic wall tiles and panels

Integrating decorative panels and ceramic collections into living room interiors has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike paint or wallpaper, textured panels and tiles are robust and permanent. Wood-effect wall tiles and other cladding with relief details will be another key trend in living rooms for 2024.

Porcelanosa Livingroom

Arrow 3D Arce ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

#05 Living room tiles

As for flooring, large format ceramic tiles will be a key trend. Floors with fewer joins enhance the sense of visual continuity. Warm and neutral colours like beige or honey, and sandy tones reminiscent of raw granite can be used to contrast against the bolder walls, creating a sense of warmth. They can also be installed over underfloor heating or in a fireplace. The perfect choice for the colder months. Wood flooring in a similar colorway is another possibility, and one we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2024.

Bottega Caliza Nature ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

#06 Home office and reading nook

When it comes to home layouts, the trend for home offices appears to be here to stay. However, the 2024 living room trend will have a more decorative approach. You could, for example, use integrated furnishings that tie in with the design of the rest of the space. Another popular option is to create a reading nook. A lovely, comfortable space differentiated from the rest of the living room that entices you to sit back and relax with a good book.

Ice Minnesota Ash ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

#07 Open-plan layout

Space is a feature that just isn’t available to all homes. Opting for an open, diaphanous layout is a versatile way to create the sensation of additional surface space. This living room style will remain the top choice in the 2024 trends, but with a subtle shift. Dining rooms and kitchens connected to the living room will be much more defined. You could take it further with sliding doors, screens or glass partitions, for example.

#08 Colour and living room trends in 2024

Colours loaded with personality are going to be another key living room trend for 2024, according to the experts. Blue hues will predominate, but we’ll also see other colour palettes like pastels or peach fuzz on rugs, upholstery, accessories and other decorative objects. These elements will be combined with more neutral backgrounds, creating a dynamic, almost yin and yang scheme.

#09 Living room lighting trends

Natural light is the best way to add warmth to a room, and is a key lighting trend for living rooms in 2024. As such, we’ll be seeing large picture windows and direct light flooding rooms. And when night falls, you’ll want to use concealed artificial lighting to create the same effect. LEDs, for example, used to bathe textured living room walls or other surfaces in light, complete with adjustable settings to change the ambience. You can combine this format with striking accessories like ’70s style geometric or vintage reconditioned lamps.

Skins Nature Ayame Lavender wallpaper by L’Antic Colonial.

#10 Living room furniture

The concept of magnification is a key element of living room furniture trends for 2024. Larger tables and sofas with rounded lines will be mixed with shelving, cupboards and armchairs in a more eclectic style. The same goes for upholstery and prints. These will be more varied, maintaining a sense of balance and harmony with the rest of the décor scheme.

#11 Smart living rooms

Integrated entertainment systems, sensor lighting and smart energy efficiency systems are all popular and current choices. The big difference in living room trends for 2024 is making technology less visible, integrating it with more traditional materials. Blending artisan craftsmanship and innovation to create warm and functional spaces.

#12 A living room fireplace

As with other 2024 living room trends, the size and shape of fireplace you go for will depend on your needs – and the amount of space you’re working with. Thanks to customization, you can create smaller elements if that’s what your room needs, or combine them with less common wall tiles. Or you could opt for one of the alternatives to the traditional open fire or log burner. Fires with electric or bioethanol flames are both wonderfully welcoming and sustainable options.

Gent Stone 3D Roble (oak) wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

Extra personal spaces

fusion of styles. This is our summary of living room trends for 2024. From bold colours to textures on walls, via larger sofas and structural furnishings. Ultimately, it’s bespoke personalization; choosing the things you like to create a space that fits your tastes and needs.

Text: Porcelanosa