If you want to achieve a natural wood look in any room of your home but don’t want to use natural wood, you can opt for wood-look porcelain and ceramic tiles. Here at Fontile Kitchen & Bath, we carry collections that were developed with the newest technologies and inspired by the elegance of hardwood flooring with the benefits of ceramic tiles.

Several are the benefits of ceramic tiles: they are fire-resistant, don’t require any surface treatment, and can withstand the effects of sunlight without colour and shade alteration. As they have low porosity and high chemical resistance, they require minimal maintenance and can be installed over underfloor radiant heating systems. As homeowners nowadays look for practical and environmentally-friend products, ceramic tiles are a great option since they are more sustainable and durable compared to hardwood, not to mention they are cheaper than natural products and can be used in residential and commercial spaces.

The wood-look tiles you’ll find at Fontile Kitchen and Bath combine absolute naturalness with the virtue of ceramic stoneware. Our floor tiles mimic perfectly wood planks in the most exquisite designs, colours, and shades, and you can match them with gorgeous book-match wall tiles to give any room a sophisticated design.

Visit our showroom to view samples of all our collections of wood-look ceramic and porcelain tiles and learn more about all the benefits of replacing natural products with tiles by talking to our sales team. Call us at (604)683-9358 or visit our business website at www.fontile.com for more info.