Minimalist style and versatility characterize the furniture novelties proposed by the firm.

New finishes and new models to adapt to the latest trends in interior design. The firm shows the designs and materials that define the latest furniture for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

Design kitchens

In terms of kitchens, Gamadecor highlights the dual invisible inductive cooktop, SmartKitchen. Through the surface, it is able to transmit heat or energy. In this way, pans can be placed directly on the surface for cooking or to electrify compatible household appliances.

SmartKitchen invisible dual inductive SmartKitchen worktop with XTONE Astana Grey surface. I

With a system installed under the worktop, it provides a larger, completely smooth and unobstructed work area. The only visible element is a small touch screen. Apart from the cleaning advantages, the SmartKitchen worktop from Gamadecor improves the aesthetics and functionality of the environment.

With the new wood finishes for kitchen fronts, Soft and Slotted, the elegance and design of the room is elevated. The new Emotions kitchen model embodies functional elegance, with the Roble Noche Soft and Roble Puro finishes. In addition, the addition of Bronze Glass cabinets and the worktop XTONE Astana Grey adds a touch of contemporary sophistication.

The possibility of choosing between several collections of XTONE for your worktop will allow you to create a more personal atmosphere.

Personalization in bathroom furniture novelties

The Vertice unit stands out for its wide variety of combinations, its finishes and its fully customizable configuration. Thus, this bathroom furniture adapts to the needs of each user, enhancing the experience in the room. In addition, it has a large storage capacity, making it possible to organize it to your liking.

Flexa is a versatile and efficient bathroom series. Modular and adaptable, it meets the individual needs of each client. Base units, vanity units and open shelving are some of the elements included in this collection. Flexa is available in three finishes: laminate, smooth or imitation wood. This collection is perfect for small bathrooms or bathrooms with a limited washbasin area.

Cabinets and sofas for elegant living rooms

Living rooms have become multifunctional spaces, generally connected to the dining room and kitchen. As the room in the house where most of the time is spent, there are also furniture innovations for living rooms. The straight lines of the Living room furniture, in Torrefacto Oak finish, give it a clean design and perfect extra storage.

Seems ‘ organic lines and minimalist elegance make this sofa an iconic piece due to its versatility. Its adjustable headrest improves posture and it has seats that extend automatically. In addition, this model allows multiple combinations thanks to its curved arms.

The Feel chair is versatile and customizable, with a choice of structure and leg material. The type of seat can also be selected, in the form of a chair or stool. The Feel chair model adapts to the needs of the user and the room. In the same way, they add extra comfort and design.

Personalization in furniture novelties

In short, the different furniture novelties of Gamadecor demonstrate the innovative and personal character that is sought after in the different rooms of the house. Personalized and functional furniture that adapts to the current structures of the homes.

Text: Porcelanosa