Your needs evolve, and as they do, so do your home’s. Sometimes, bathrooms become obsolete and it’s essential to improve their functionality. As a result, we adapt these spaces to our needs and update their aesthetics.

We haven’t lived in the rooms in our homes for some time. Rather, we experience them. Decoration helps us make them our own. Such is the case with the bathroom. By carefully designing the interior of this space, you can increase the value of your home and feel comfortable.

Despite what you might think, you don’t always need a big structural project. By changing certain elements, you can renovate a bathroom without major works. This gives the space a more modern feel.

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Feudal Grey vinyl flooring. Washbasin and mirror from the Picat collection. All by L’Antic Colonial.

What a cosmetic bathroom renovation involves

Renovating a bathroom without demolition entails some limitations in terms of changing certain elements. However, this doesn’t mean the renovation won’t be immediately obvious. In any case, you can give your bathroom a complete makeover without generating debris.

In a cosmetic bathroom renovation, you don’t reroute drains or change the layout of any fittings. Other than these two issues, you can do whatever you want to give your bathroom a completely new look.

Here are some ideas for renovating a bathroom that can be a source of inspiration:

  • Choose taps for washbasins and showers in special finishes, such as bronze or gold. These add character and distinction to the room. The design of the taps – straight or curved lines, or the length – gives a more modern or more traditional style to the bathroom.
  • Enhance the lighting by installing more efficient and better distributed lights. By adding lights, the space offers a sense of warmth, and visually changes the concept of the bathroom.
  • In the case of floors for a cosmetic bathroom renovation, you can opt for vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, among others. Read on to learn more about these types of floors.
  • Use wall tiles for a works-free bathroom renovation, which can be installed without removing existing tiles. This avoids generating rubble. In a later section we’ll tell you about the different possibilities.
  • Replace the old bathroom mirror with one that adds a touch of design. Mirrors with organic shapes or that are backlit are in vogue. This is one simple modification that changes the room completely.
  • If you want to give your bathroom a green touch, go for a biophilic design. You can put up a vertical garden or take advantage of a surface or corner to decorate it with some plants. This creates the ideal ambiance for self-care.
  • Include accessories to create a personal environment. Towel racks, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, baskets, stools, towels, curtains. Even frames with photos of family members or hobbies can be a good addition.
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Tono radiator by Noken.

No-demo bathroom floors

Renovating a bathroom without removing tiles is an effective way to improve the appearance and functionality of any home. However, this often involves a significant investment in resources and time. A good alternative is no-demo floors for bathrooms.

For any of these four floor tiles, keep in mind that you will have to raise the height of the bottom of the door. In addition, to install them atop other ceramic tiles, adhesive and bonding materials will have to be used, as well as spacers (Butech). These are the different floor options you have for a no-demo bathroom renovation:

– Vinyl. This is a very popular option due to its great decorative value. Vinyl on tiles in bathrooms effectively absorbs water and resists moisture. Linkfloor by L’Antic Colonial is quick and easy to install. It comes in many designs that simulate fabric, natural wood or stone.

– Laminate flooring. A selection of L’Antic Colonial laminate flooring is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Its composition makes it resistant to moisture. The fit of the joints, which are hermetically sealed, keeps water out. It, too, is quick and easy to install.

Large porcelain tiles. With zero water absorption, XLIGHT (6-mm thick) is another option for decorative bathroom makeovers. It is also very quick and simple to install atop existing floor tiles. Thanks to the Super-prim primer and the s2 Super-Flex adhesive, the installation is quick.

– Sintered stone. XTONE sintered stone has similar technical characteristics to XLIGHT porcelain. This gives it almost the same advantages. Cement adhesives and joints are also required for installation.

Wall tiles for no-demo bathroom makeovers

A bathroom renovation is an exciting project, since it completely transforms a space. Walls are essential in a bathroom, since they are a decorative element. We’ll tell you what your options are for updating and revitalising your bathroom’s appearance.

– Wallpaper. This is an appropriate covering for bathrooms with tiles, specifically, vinyl wallpaper (Skins Wallpaper) by L’Antic Colonial. If you want to update the look of a bathroom without removing and replacing the tiles, this is an excellent option. It’s a moisture-resistant material.

– Aluminium panels. Ideal for covering walls in bathrooms with no demo. You can change the décor quickly and cleanly with no major works. Alluslate® by Krion is your best ally. It can be applied to shower walls or the fronts of sinks because it does not absorb liquids.

– Large porcelain tiles. Because it’s thin (6 mm), it won’t overload the walls. It offers zero porosity and water absorption. PORCELANOSA’s large porcelain tiles, XLIGHT, are another perfect way to cover a bathroom wall with no demolition.

– Sintered stone. It has characteristics similar to porcelain. XTONE is thus another option for covering tiled bathroom walls that relies on suitable installation and bonding systems. It can also be applied to the wall and it serves as a structural element of the washbasin, tub or shower tray.

You can use any of these options to make impressive changes to your bathroom. And you won’t need to tear down walls or alter the existing layout of the room.

Empyreal Spike Honey wallpaper

Empyreal Spike Honey wallpaper by L’Antic Colonial.

Renovated bathrooms without building works

As you can see, there are many options to give a bathroom in need of an update a new look. And you can renovate bathrooms without any demolition or cumbersome works.

Renovating a bathroom without demolition can give it a modern and renewed look, without the need to carry out major interventions, remove wall tiles or change drains.

No-demo toilet replacement

If you want to change the toilet in your bathroom, you will also have to replace other fixtures. Installing a more modern toilet and leaving an old bidet or washbasin will not improve the overall look of the bathroom. Even if you want to renovate a bathroom without demolition, you still want to make a drastic change visually.
Nowadays, there are many modern toilets with a wall-mounted back, wall-hung toilets or in different colours. Choosing a more modern option will give your bathroom a new look.

Renovating the washbasin and vanity without demolition

The washbasin and vanity can also be changed without demolition. If you have an old pedestal washbasin, a very appealing option is to replace it with a more modern washbasin. To do this, use a wall-mounted unit or a vanity top washbasin. This will give you a more modern bathroom with more storage space, where the washbasin will feature more prominently.

It is essential that you pay attention to the taps and choose one that suits your desired style. You can also install a modern mirror or one with indirect LED lighting. These two options provide a contemporary and distinguished aesthetic to bathrooms. They also offer a more welcoming atmosphere and add more functionality to the space.

Replacing a shower

Renovating your bath or shower, or replacing it with another, is another no-demo option. It’s also one of the most versatile areas of the bathroom, thanks to the multiple options available.

Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, a simple option for updating the bathroom without demolition is to install a shower enclosure with special finishes or hinged glass. Installing this element will make the bathroom more spacious and give it a greater sense of cleanliness. This does away with the shower curtains, which are unhygienic.

And if you already have a shower tray, you can replace it with a more modern one. There are all types: acrylic, fibreglass, resin, etc. At Noken, you can find very interesting and modern options to upgrade your shower tray. One example is the Finish Studio shower trays, which evoke natural textures on the surface.

As you have seen, giving your bathroom a cosmetic makeover is possible. And you can make lots of changes to renew the look of this important room in your house. With some simple changes and a good dose of creativity, you can transform your bathroom into a renewed and attractive space.

Text: Porcelanosa