Vancouver buyers looking for natural stone tiles face a number of challenges when entering the marketplace. While natural stone tiles can transform a living space and provide homeowners with exceptional home appeal for the long-term, many are inexperienced in the market and this can lead to them struggling when picking out tile products. In this article, the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath highlights the common challenges Vancouver buyers face when choosing natural stone tiles.

They Don’t Understand Tile Ratings

When buying natural stone tiles, Vancouver buyers should learn the tile ratings that determine whether the product is suitable for their installation requirements. These tile ratings are determined by the Porcelain Enamel Hardness Institute and detail the hardness of a particular product. The ratings range from Class I, which don’t allow foot traffic, to Class IV, which allow for heavy foot traffic and are predominantly used in industrial and commercial settings. By understanding the classes and the ratings of natural stone tiles, Vancouver homes can locate quality, suitable products for use around the home.

They Don’t Consider Sizing

Sizing is a critical element in the process of buying tiles, but the vast majority of buyers simply don’t consider the sizing or style of the tile before they buy. They believe that the size of the tile will have a limited impact on their home. But then, when they come to integrate the tile within their property, they find that it simply doesn’t fit or the size detracts from the décor within their home. It’s important to consider the full range of sizing options when buying natural stone tiles for the Vancouver home. The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has many years’ experience guiding clients on tile sizing and can help within this often complex process.

They Have a Limited Understanding on Tile Porosity

Tile porosity is a critical consideration when buying natural stone tiles for the Vancouver home. A tile’s level of porosity indicates the ratio of voids to solids within the tile. Knowing the porosity will allow homeowners to understand the percentage of water that makes it through the tile. Porosity levels are measured from impervious, the least absorbent, to non-vitreous, the most absorbent. By knowing which natural stone tiles have the lowest levels of absorbency, homeowners can find the right product for long-term use within their home bathroom spaces.

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