It’s the start of a new year and thousands of Vancouver property owners are now considering how to improve the aesthetic value of their homes ready for social occasions to come. Adding products such as stone tile can help enhance the look and value of any property. But for first-time homeowners, who have little experience in renovation work, this can be particularly challenging. And so, to help streamline the renovation process, the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath is offering their guide to buying stone tile for the Vancouver home.

First Consider the Budget

Oftentimes first-time homeowners don’t have the largest of budgets to take on any required renovations. It’s important to settle on a budget for the renovation work to ensure the right choice is made while safeguarding finances. For those with a limited budget, ceramic stone tile options could improve the appeal of their Vancouver home without overextending their finances.

Complete Online Research

By researching online and taking a look at review sites, as well as the sites of the product manufacturers, homeowners can find out all the information they need to know about a certain product. They can look at the reviews to find out how other buyers have enjoyed the product. They can review the company’s site for full information on pricing per square foot and the product’s material construction. This will allow the buyer a full introduction to the tile and its potential value.

Analyze the Design Options

Before investing in quality stone tile products from a local Vancouver business, homeowners should take a look at the design options available. Adding new stone tile to a kitchen floor can be ideal for those seeking a durable and yet refined aesthetic. But only by understanding the best practices in design can they achieve full value for their money in the long-term. For example, will the floor blend favourably with the countertops? Many choose darker slate flooring for kitchens in which lighter wood countertops are used.

Always Ask the Experts

Before making a final decision on any stone tile products, homeowners should speak with local experts to consider the pros and cons of their choices. The experts will be able to detail the relative durability of each product. They will also be able to guide homeowners on which products are designed for low maintenance within their home, ensuring they don’t have to spend more time cleaning their new stone tile than enjoying it over the coming years.

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