Stone tile is quickly becoming one of the leading options for Vancouver buyers. The product’s value is in its durability and the aesthetic features that help to transform living spaces. But stone tile products vary significantly in quality from store-to-store and so it’s important for Vancouver homeowners to conduct comprehensive research before entering the marketplace. In this latest article, the tile experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath highlight five elements for buyers to consider before buying stone tile products.

  1. Maintenance 

    Stone tile can come with a large range of maintenance requirements. And some products can deteriorate rapidly if the homeowner doesn’t keep to a strict maintenance regimen. It’s important for buyers to review the maintenance requirements for the product and consider whether these maintenance requirements match with their lifestyle and home décor expectations.

  2. Long-Term Cost

    While stone tile products can bring significant value to the Vancouver home, they may cost more than the average tile product. And so, Vancouver homebuyers should take a look at the long-term costs of using the tile within the property. Most high-quality products are worth the investment and quality must be a leading consideration in purchasing stone tiles.

  3. Water Resistance 

    While most stone tile products are naturally durable, each product has unique level of water resistance. Choosing the right product with the ideal level of water resistance for the area in the home is critical when buying tiles for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Oftentimes, homeowners make the mistake of choosing a low water resistance product due to its aesthetic qualities, and they find that moisture problems then limit the aesthetic appeal of the tile. Speak with the tile provider to determine the requisite balance between water resistance and aesthetic quality.

  4. Installation 

    Natural stone products such as marble and granite have challenging installation requirements. And homeowners purchasing these types of stone for their property must carefully consider how to make sure the optimal installation is achieved. Oftentimes, simply leaving the work to the professionals is the best approach. Professionals can ensure the product is safely integrated in the home ready for immediate use, and they can minimize the chances of damage to the stone during the installation.

  5. Sample Products 

    Before making that significant investment in the stone tile product, Vancouver homeowners should review the product in-person. Only by going to the showroom and analyzing the tile can buyers get a sense of the material’s quality and its suitability for their project.

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