Stone tile products are driving the value of home renovation projects throughout Vancouver. And so, buyers can now achieve a significant return on investment by choosing the latest tile products. But before investing their money in their ideal tile, homeowners should understand the market and choose a tile specialist able to respond adeptly to their unique tile requirements. Fontile Kitchen & Bath is a leader in this area, and this latest article highlights the unique advantages of buying through the company.


The Fontile Kitchen & Bath team has decades of experience within the tile marketplace. They have a clear understanding of the latest trends because they’ve be following the market changes for over 60 years. And this means they can help homeowners capitalize on the trends to improve the value of their renovation projects.

Affordable Options

Fontile Kitchen & Bath is committed to offering reduced pricing on the leading products from across the globe. They work with buyers to help them reduce their tile costs and continually introduce new sale pricing to help ensure homeowners have access to new affordable products. This means that buying through Fontile Kitchen & Bath helps homeowners reduce their costs considerably while working with leading market experts.

Communication Expertise

The Fontile Kitchen & Bath team’s understanding of marketplace products and trends is supported by their ability to communicate these concepts to buyers. Buyers know that when they work with the company, they’ll have direct access to specialists who can guide them throughout their renovation work, from selecting stone tile products for their Vancouver home to maintenance considerations years after installation. Their team is ready to answer questions throughout the day to ensure that clients are never left without expert guidance for their home renovation projects.

Product Selection

The selection of products available through Fontile Kitchen & Bath is one of the largest in the marketplace today. They’re continually adding new products to help ensure the best tiles are available for each individual client. Whether buyers are seeking the highest quality stone tile for their Vancouver home or leading-class mosaic tile products, Fontile Kitchen & Bath has the requisite product within their abundant selection.

Seamless Ordering

Fontile Kitchen & Bath makes it simple for buyers to purchase their products. This helps to limit the time it takes for buyers to find their tile products and ensures that renovation projects can begin in a consolidated timeframe.

The experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath are now available to answer questions on their full range of products. To learn more, call their team at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at