It’s the peak of the summer season and homeowners across Vancouver are now reviewing their home to analyze how to improve their interior design. This can be a complex process for those without experience in the design field, and so in this latest article the interior designers at Fontile Kitchen & Bath in Vancouver present five interior design tips.

  1. Make Choosing the Paint Colour the Final Step

When completing interior design projects, many homeowners make the mistake of selecting their paint colours first. This can be a problem when they haven’t picked out their upholstery, tiles and artwork for the room. And so it’s important to make selecting the paint colour the final step in completing the project and assure a seamless aesthetic balance in the room.

  1. Pick Porcelain Tiles for Durable Performance

Porcelain tiles are considered one of the leading flooring options for homeowners at the inception of an interior design project. These tile products can be designed to replicate the look of traditional tile materials such as natural wood, while offering a number of a functional advantages. Porcelain is immensely durable and offers moisture resistance for exceptional performance in bathroom and kitchen spaces.

  1. Double Check Tile Sizes

The interior designers at Fontile Kitchen & Bath in Vancouver recommend that homeowners double-check tile sizes to ensure they select the right product for their space. For those completing the project without the help of an expert designer, it’s important to lay out all the tiles at the beginning to make sure the design is correct and all tiles match before integrating the tile within the room.

  1. Consider Lifestyle When Examining Kitchen Tile Options

Selecting kitchen tile can become one of the most challenging elements of an interior design project. There are so many options on the marketplace, and each material offers distinct benefits. One important consideration when selecting tile is the lifestyle within the home. Are there children running around the kitchen throughout the day? Will the home be the venue for large social gatherings? If so, homeowners might consider using a high durability tile product that will withstand a high amount of foot traffic.

  1. Choose Tile Backsplash that Complements the Décor

The tile backsplash within kitchen areas should complement the overall décor within the room. This means that it should blend with the colour of the fixtures and appliances to present a refined appeal. Vancouver homeowners can work with local interior decorators to select the ideal tile backsplash option for their property.

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