Vinyl planks are the best flooring option if you want to give your home a natural look without using hardwood flooring or natural stones. Besides the realistic visuals, vinyl planks are waterproof and extremely durable, so they can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. That’s very convenient if you have kids or pets since they do not scratch or stain easily.

Another benefit of vinyl planks is that they are very easy to maintain and clean. They don’t require any special cleaning process or waxing due to a protective layer that maintains their luster for years to come. Not mentioning the ample variety of looks, colours, finishes, and sizes that fit all types of projects.

Here at Fontile Kitchen & Bath, you’ll find two amazing brands of vinyl materials that bring design and high quality to any home or commercial renovation. Linkfloor is one of the standout products of the Spanish brand L’antic Colonial by Porcelanosa Grupo, and it mimics the appearance of fabric, natural wood, or stone. It is extremely versatile, comfortable, durable, and stable and is perfect for houses and public spaces.

The Kingdom Collection is the strongest vinyl of the brand and recreates the details of natural wood through five tones (Greece, Iberia, Persia, Rome, and Celt). It allows you to design spacious rooms with quick installation and easy cleaning due to its easy-to-install system that provides the absence of gaps between the slats and allows a continuous design. Linkfloor Multiformat is a very fashionable collection that reproduces the shine and grain of natural wood in five shades (Cream, Taupe, Silver, Coffee, and Bronze) in alternated slates of three different sizes, making it adaptable for any space. Its quick and easy installation, easy cleaning, and high resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures reinforce the safe use in kitchens and bathrooms with the creation of natural and unlimited rooms.

Palette of colours of the Kingdom and Multiformat collections of Linkfloor by L'antic Colonial Porcelanosa Grupo

Point Grey by ENMON North America is a SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) rigid vinyl flooring that features the newest innovation in floor surface technology, blending natural elements of limestone powder and virgin PVC. It’s inspired by the West Coast iconic lifestyle and brings out that subtle beauty of hardwood in a variety of relaxed yet sophisticated shades, becoming a benchmark in terms of high sense of design, quality crafted materials, extra comfort, and durability.

Palette of colours of the Point Grey collection by ENMON North America

Visit our showroom to view samples of these and other vinyl planks collections, and our team will be more than happy to show you all stocked and special-ordered options according to the design and timeline of your project.