Subway tiles quickly gained popularity in the early 1900’s when they were introduced in the New York Subway system as wall tiles but the pattern is also used as floor tiles. Their easy maintenance, durability, and clean, crisp appearance made them particularly popular as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. However, long gone are the days of your grandmother’s retro kitchen with iconic white subway tiles.

Today, there are so many options for subway tiles in Vancouver, that many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed with the possibilities. Here are just some creative ways you can use subway tiles to add a pop of personality to every space.

Use Color to Create Interest

A solid wall of unending white tile can make the space feel institutional, which is the opposite of many homeowner’s intentions. Adding a pop of color, often in the form of a boarder or simple pattern, however, breaks up the monotony and provides visual interest.

Mix Up the Layout

Traditionally, subway tiles in Vancouver are placed in a neat and simple grid, or alternating horizontal rows much like standard brick; however, changing the layout can do amazing things in the space.

Popular layout styles include:

  • Traditional grid or brick style
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Basket-Weave (vertical herringbone)
  • Crosshatch
  • Vertical

Vary the Tile Size to Add Drama

Subway tiles are typically 3 by 6 inch rectangles; however, the market is full of all different sizes. To add a bit of drama, consider working in a few choice pieces that are larger or smaller than the bulk of the tile. For extra affect, use larger brightly colored or patterned tiles to add a pop of personality.

Create a Work of Art

Laying tile is as much an art form as it is a trade skill and as such, can be used to create breathtaking works of art. Mix colors, sizes, and textures to design images or patterns that are uniquely you.

Think Outside the Kitchen and Bath

Subway tiles in Vancouver are often installed in kitchens and bathrooms; however, their durability makes them great options for mud rooms and laundry rooms. Take them outside the house and make a wonderful focal point in the garden or outdoor living space as well.

For more creative ideas, please contact the experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath today. For over 60 years, we have proudly helped homeowners in the Vancouver and surrounding areas find the perfect tile for their needs and style.