Subway tiles are easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface, thin grout lines, and stain resistant glazes. Subway tiles come in many colors and patterns and this makes it overwhelming to make a choice. To help you decide the colors and patterns that best embodies the style of your living space, we’ve put together some tips on how to easily choose the perfect subway tile in Vancouver.


  • The color of your subway tile will make a big impact on your space and it’s, therefore, crucial to consider the glaze that you’ll choose. When it comes to your kitchen, you’d want to choose a color that’s warm, social and full of life. You can create a sense of cleanliness in your kitchen with neutral colors like white or cream.
  • A perfect subway tile in the kitchen is the one that can complement any design preference. You can also create a design that stands out by choosing a colorful glaze that brings an energizing and cheerful vibe. The grout color also matters when it comes to subway tiles since it contrasts beautifully with the tile and creates a visual impact.


Since your bathroom is the most functional room, you need to make it the dreamiest. What about choosing a color that complements with water? This is an element that detoxifies, purifies, and rejuvenates. For instance, you can choose a subway tile in colors of the sea.

Ceiling and Floor

Your ceiling and floor tile also need a little love. You can extend the subway tile up to the ceiling to transform the look of your kitchen. When it comes to the flooring, apply the same concept. This will create a cool and smooth feel, especially during the hot summers.

What a great way to keep your house cool. One great advantage of using ceramic tiles on the floor is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. It is also pretty to look at. Choose a hand-glazed subway tile for the space around your fireplace.

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