When looking for suppliers for property renovation in Vancouver – BC, homeowners can count on Fontile Kitchen & Bath, a trusted tile and kitchen and bathroom products store with a leading-class reputation across the interior design supply industry.

With over 60 years of experience in the marketplace, we provide several types of flooring solutions and wall tiles, such as vinyl flooring, porcelain, and ceramic tiles, natural stone, slates, slabs, and mosaics. Our sales representatives have a great background in providing solutions for interior design and working on home renovations and construction projects in the Great Vancouver Area.

Fontile Kitchen & Bath is specialized in European tiles from Spain and Italy, which allows us to follow the latest trends in interior design and have an extensive portfolio that cannot be found in other tile stores in Vancouver since we are the only representative of Porcelanosa, Versace and Roberto Cavalli tiles in Western Canada. While working with our team, homeowners have access to an abundant catalog that contains wide-ranging options for decorations of all rooms of their house.

In the Kitchen and Bathroom showroom, our designers are specialized in working on residential and commercial projects, designing solutions for cabinets, countertops, and plumbing that match quality products with excellent customer service and fair price. Homeowners can entrust their requirements and save time by developing the whole project of a room at one store due to the company’s expertise to choose the right product for each space.

By choosing Fontile Kitchen & Bathroom, homeowners get expert help and guidance on decoration, assuring that all solutions for tiles, cabinets, and plumbing to improve property value will be found at one of the top-ranked stores in Vancouver.

The Fontile Kitchen & Bath team is available now to answer any questions concerning tiles and kitchen and bathroom products. To learn more about the company and our product line, call our showroom today at (604) 683-9358 or visit our business website at www.fontile.com.