The right porcelain tiles can add a touch of style and class to your Vancouver home. Spanish Porcelain tiles can be both bright and colorful or natural. They can be used in almost any room in the house where you want to create a unique look or draw attention to a specific area. The tile you choose sets the theme for the room and adds a touch of elegance.

What Sets Spanish Porcelain Tile Apart?

Spanish porcelain tile by Porcelanosa is the world leader in tile production quality control, second to none. It is extremely stylish and durable which lends itself very well to contemporary design trends. Their versatility means you can simulate an industrial chic feel, create a Mediterranean staircase with the help of custom printing on tile, or create an elegant and minimalist look by pairing terra-cotta with warm woods. Spanish porcelain is easy to cut and shape, so the number of patterns is almost endless. Whether you choose a delicate, intricate design or choose to use large blocks of tile,Spanish porcelain will stand out, making your room and its décor one of a kind.

How Can Spanish Porcelain Tile Be Used?

Due to its versatility, Spanish porcelain tile can be used to make decorative back splashes, intricate floor patterns or stylish borders. Large tiles can be used to make a shower surround or bathroom wall. Your options are only limited by your imagination. You can choose your design, add a color that excites you and create your masterpiece. Never settle for run of the mill porcelain when you can beautify your Vancouver home with Spanish porcelain tile.

Fontile Kitchen & Bath

If you are looking for the very best Spanish porcelain tile available in Vancouver, visit Fontile Kitchen & Bath showroom today. You can choose from our many styles of Spanish porcelain tile or pick from one of the various other types of Euro tiles we have in our showroom. Our team can help you create the perfect design and show you the many ways that tile can be used throughout your home. Spanish porcelain tile gives you beautiful results,is easy to care for, extremely versatile and durable. Contact Fontile Kitchen & Bath today to get started on your newest project.