Whether you want to create a unique border or a bona fidework of art, tiles can be the perfect medium to work with. Many Euro tiles andother ceramic pieces are perfect for creating modern mosaics. Fontile Kitchen &Bath is no stranger to helping homeowners find the tools they needto install one-of-a-kind mosaics and they’ve shared some insight with you here.

Below you’ll find someof the leading ideas for creating mosaic tile designsthat will wow your guests.

Bathroom Walls &Floors

Bathrooms are arguably the most popular rooms in the homefor mosaic tiles. This is because you can use a mosaic to offset the floor orwall tile pattern already in place. Perhaps you want to install a colorfulborder for the mirror to create a centerpiece or a wraparound design for theshower enclosure. The options are almost limitless, just be sure to create abalance in the bathroom and that the colors and designs don’t clash.

Mosaic Tiles in theKitchen

Many homeowners opt to use the Euro tiles and mosaic glasspieces from Fontile Kitchen & Bath to install custom kitchen backsplashes. Thebenefit of installing a backsplash is that it’s functional, as well as a designcenterpiece, simultaneously protecting your wall from stains and drawing theeye. Glass mosaics can even reflect light, giving your kitchen an addeddimension and feeling of increased space.

Listello or FriezeBorders

Another common usage for tiles is to create mosaic tilefloor patterns or listello/frieze borders for areas of the home. These types ofborders often feature repeating patterns, pictures or designs to bring outfiner details and features of the area where they’re installed. With listelloand frieze borders, the design possibilities are endless, especially when itcomes to creating your own unique pictures and patterns. This can make them agood fit for almost any room.

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