For the ultimate in winter relaxation, there’s nothing like a living room with a fireplace.

In the chilly depths of winter, this feature becomes the beating heart of the home. In this post we reveal our musts for living rooms with fireplaces, sharing contemporary designs for a winning décor scheme. The warm and cosy ambience tempts you to sit back and enjoy the room, whether alone or with family and friends.

10 musts for living rooms with fireplaces

Having a fireplace in your living room adds comfort, warmth and more; it creates the ultimate cosy space. All you need to add is your television, and you’ve got the perfect refuge to relax in on cold winter evenings. Next, we’ll look at the essential elements you need for an exquisite design scheme in your living room with a fireplace and TV:

  1. The fireplace
    The focal point of the room. Think about your own preferences and needs, and choose from wood-burning stoves, log fires, gas or electric models. Wood-burning stoves come with the most aesthetic appeal, and they give out the most heat, too. We’ll look at the most popular types of fireplaces later.
  2. Design
    You could choose from a classic style fireplace or something more minimalist with cleaner lines (more about that later). In living rooms with fireplaces, materials can make all the difference: sintered stone or ceramic tilescan really elevate the interior design of your room. The mantle of your fireplace is the ideal decorative platform for mirrors, artwork, family photos, ornaments or candles.
  3. Fireplace tiles and cladding
    As we said before, when it comes to fireplace cladding you can choose from a wide variety of materials: natural stone (marble and slate are particularly popular), wood or any other material that fits your target style. If you opt for ceramic tiles or Mosaics, you’ll get a truly unique fireplace look.
  4. Furniture
    Once you’ve worked out the fireplace, you need to have a comfortable seating area in your living room with sofas, chairs and coffee tables, for example. We recommend positioning your furniture to face the fireplace for guaranteed welcoming results.
  1. Lighting
    Ambient lighting from standard or table lamps lends warmth to the space. You could also highlight the fireplace zone with wall lighting.
  2. Windows
    They let in the natural light, flooding the room with light during the day and giving you views of the landscape outside. Plants, pots and vases will inject the space with life, giving it a fresher feel.
  3. Colours
    Warm and natural colours tend to work particularly well in living rooms with fireplaces. Earthy browns, soft greys and muted colours, for example, can accentuate the warm, cosy feel of the room.
  4. Decorative Accessories
    Accessories like cushions, blankets and curtains give the room personality and style. You could use a rug to zone the living area, defining the space at the same time as giving it a warmer feel. Go for one that complements your colour scheme in the room. These elements will add texture and comfort to the space.
  5. Storage
    Set aside space to store firewood, remote controls and books. Shelves, units or sideboards all work well.
  6. Safety
    Make sure that your fireplace is adequately ventilated and complies with safety regulations. This is a fundamental consideration in making sure your fireplace functions safely and effectively. As we mentioned, wood-burning stoves make a very appealing choice, but you need to make sure they’re well maintained.

It’s really important to make sure that your fire works well, and is a safe distance away from any flammable objects. If you’re using the fire as a heat source, it needs to be efficient and functional. You need to keep it clean and well maintained, and make sure you have an adequate supply of wood, gas or electricity.

Fireplace designs

  • Modern fireplaces.Masonry or prefabricated. The fusion of dark and grey tones creates an intriguing play on volumes for the fireplace cladding. Various designs integrated into the structure give a modern look to living rooms with fireplaces.
  • Freestanding stoves.This type of installation gives you a great look whilst offering balanced heat distribution throughout the room.
  • Natural stone fireplaces.Using natural stone on façades, walls and fireplaces is becoming an increasingly popular choice: advantages including the strength and sophisticated look of the material.
  • French fireplaces. An elegant aesthetic with geometric forms in relief are the distinguishing features of these eye-catching designs. The enduring style has had an update for modern homes, with rectangular forms and simple or abstract patterns.

Living room with fireplace, with XTONE® Fiori di Bosco and XTONE® Glem White.

Fireplace types

You can find a number of living room fireplace types to suit your aesthetic taste, heating needs and budget. Here are the three most common fireplace types:

  • Wood-burning stoves/log fires: the most traditional types of fireplace, using wood to generate heat. They’re a popular choice for creating a welcoming ambience. You’ll need to install a fireguard, and they should never be left unattended when lit.
  • Gas fires: a convenient, easy-to-use option: all you need to do is switch on the controls or use a remote, and you’ve got a fire. They provide an efficient heat source without generating ash or smoke.
  • Electric fires: these modern and versatile fires don’t require a chimney or flue for the smoke to escape though. The heat is generated via electrical resistance, and they often feature incredibly realistic artificial flames. This makes them easy to install – and the safest of all.

Fireplace zone with XTONE® Astana Grey Polished floor tiles and Viola Rossé fireplace.

When you’re decorating your living room and fireplace, always remember to match it with your style and needs. Hopefully, this post has given you the ideas you need to inspire your living room and fireplace décor project. These spaces are all about feeling comfortable, cosy and relaxed as you feel the lovely heat from your fire.

Text: Porcelanosa