Here are a few reason why white Euro tiles remain popular in Vancouver. Savvyhomeowners who keep abreast of European kitchen design recognize that thesetiles can do more than just simplify a bathroom or make a kitchen lookbrighter. They can also turn any other room into a more elegant spaceinstantly, and work effortlessly with all kinds of design ideas. Whether it is floor tiles or wall tiles, white Eurois the way to go. Some designers on the other hand would say that white as acolour on its own can be a little “cold” or “clinical or modern” on its own andgenerally needs to be in an environment of warm colours and textures to addwarmth to the design scheme.

For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Once upon a time, white glass was lookeddown upon as uninteresting. That was before Euro tiles evolved to offer allkinds of details, textures, and tones.Euro tiles now come in all kinds of sizes and designs, making it easy to transformany kitchen into a chic space. They are extremely easy to clean too, whichis a huge advantage. When you choose largeEuro tiles with tiny designs, you can expand the appearance of a room whilesimultaneously giving it character. As for bathrooms, Euro floor or wall tilescan create a warm, cozy feeling when you pair them with European kitchendesigns.

FloorAnd Wall Tiles

There’s something about white Euro tilesthat make floorsseem clean and rooms seem bright. There are more advantages to using themthan just style though. White not only reflects light, it is bright on its ownand, when used cleverly with a glossy finish, can make a beautiful room seemclassier. Euro tiles for wall or floor can, thanks to inspiration from Europeankitchen design, combine simplicitywith sophistication, adding character and personality to the ambiance of any room.

TakeThem Outdoors

Euro tiles also work well for homeexteriors. They are extremelydurable, handle heavy loads, and can also be used to give home exteriors amore industrial look, which is what a number of modern home designers areturning to.

ForEuro Tiles In Vancouver

FontileKitchen & Bath in Vancouver offers you the highest quality, whether itis Euro tiles, Spanish porcelain tiles or more. Our team of experts can alsohelp you with the latest trends in European kitchen design and show you whattiles work best for the look you have in mind. For more information, get in touch with us today.