Vancouver, BC-based experts for tile products, Fontile Kitchen & Bath is presenting buyers with the latest stone tile options. Included within the company’s selection is products such as their Jaddish slate tile, which is designed for a smooth and dense construction with superior levels of durability. It’s just one of the many options now available through the experienced experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath.

Homeowners can transform their home and bring new levels of style to their living spaces with the latest stone tile options. But only by working with a trusted specialist for quality tiles can homeowners pinpoint the ideal product for their property. The experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath are leaders in this area of the marketplace, and they’re now offering a full selection of high durability, stylish stone tile options to Vancouver homeowners.

Choosing from the Fontile Kitchen & Bath selection assures the optimal product for any home space. The company’s range includes slate, marble, and basalt options, each of which has been refined harnessing the latest industry techniques. Homeowners can entrust their tile requirements to Fontile Kitchen & Bath because the company has the experience and the expertise to choose the ideal product for the unique home space. It’s a service that will help buyers reduce their costs while securing the ideal product for long-term performance in their home.

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