The decoration in beige bathrooms must be hygienic, bright, sophisticated and practical. Choosing beige bathroom tiles helps increase the sense of spaciousness and brightness. In this post, you’ll find tips on how to make the most of the beige tiles in a bathroom.

Everything about beige tiles in a bathroom

The most popular color combination to ensure a successful bathroom décor is beige and white. While white provides a hygienic finish, the color cream adds warmth.

Here are a series of aspects that never fail when it comes to complementing a beige bathroom and adding appeal:

  • Contributing with texture and character to the combination of cream colors with different shades, prints and motifs.
  • They can be decorated with the same family of beige bathroom tiles. Unlike other tones, cream works well on walls and floors thanks to its neutral style.
  • Cream is a natural color that comes in a wide variety of materials and designs that are usually used in the bathroom. For example, we can see it in marble, wood, leather, rattan and raw furniture fabrics.

The wall and floor tiles serve very different functions in a bathroom. Floors must be resistant and durable, easy to clean and hygienic. And, bathroom wall tiles must also be resistant to humidity. Meanwhile, we need them to reflect the light and provide warmth in order to compensate the hardness of bathroom surfaces.

Below are some tips to enhance the interior design of a beige bathroom:

  • We recommend varying the size, proportion and pattern of tiles in large bathrooms featuring a predominantly beige palette. We could include plain floor tiles and combine them with printed tiles on the wall, or vice versa.
  • Bathroom fittings in white. To highlight the beauty of the color beige in your bathroom, we recommended choosing white fittings and accessories. White toilets, washbasins and bathtubs will elegantly contrast with the beige walls and cladding, giving a fresh and clean look to the room. In addition, white is a timeless color that never goes out of style.
  • We can also make the accessories (taps, towel racks, paper holders, etc.) gain more prominence in a beige bathroom. This is achieved by choosing contrasting colors, such as a gold finish or matt black. The result: a very elegant room with personality.
  • Wood furniture, wicker or rattan baskets and other accessories, such as plants or small vases, combine well with cream. The warmth of wood and organic tones fuse with beige tiles in the bathroom.
  • If you combine cream tiles on the floor and walls of a small bathroom, make sure they match in color and dimensions. This will give you a broader perception of space. We recommended using large rectified tiles for a more striking effect.
  • Lighting plays a crucial role in any design of a space, providing warmth. Make sure you have the appropriate artificial lighting to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Recessed ceiling lights and wall fixtures are excellent options to complement the beige color scheme.

Bathrooms with beige floor tiles

For a better combination of beige tiles in the bathroom, we suggest the following:

  • Beige is the ideal color for porcelain and wood-effect pieces in the bathroom. In fact, light woods, such as pine and maple, have the classic yellow shade of an authentic cream tone. The warmth provided by the wood’s color and texture are a perfect fit for an easy maintenance of the material.
  • From a visual and practical point of view, the best results are achieved with rectified ceramic tiles. When installed, the joints are hardly visible and cleaning becomes much easier. A continuous beige surface make smaller bathrooms look larger.
  • When it comes to the floor, beige helps to coordinate and integrate the different elements of the bathroom’s décor.
  • Bathrooms with beige mottled, printed or plain tiles especially help hide everyday blemishes.

Wall tiles in a beige bathroom

The color of the walls and wall tiles is an essential element in the design of any bathroom. Opting for beige tones on the walls gives the space a sense of calm and harmony. You can choose from different shades of beige. The following tips will help you achieve the best results with beige tiles for your bathroom wall:

  • Cream mosaic tiles. The texture and visual appeal of this design in this tone helps create neutral and timeless bathrooms, without sacrificing in style.
  • Large format cream tiles. Whether you’re choosing a plain or printed ceramic tile, large format pieces in beige help you fuse the bathroom décor.
  • Contrasting cream tones. We recommended creating a visual contrast between the floor and wall tiles (plain or printed). You can also combine plain and printed tiles to define specific areas in the bathroom.

What color combines with cream tiles?

There are two possible options when it comes to achieving the best combinations in beige bathrooms:

– Beige and brown bathrooms are very attractive. The fusion of textures and these two colors of the same color range is an optimal choice. With this combination, we’ll achieve environments full of sophistication and distinction.
– For a more marked contrast, combine cream with grey and light pastel tones, such as green, lavender and turquoise. This will fill your beige bathrooms with life, color and joy.

Beige and white bathrooms are a timeless and elegant choice. With the suggested ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a welcoming, sophisticated and visually appealing space. Textures, dimensions and materials must be carefully combined to provide depth and visual appeal, without sacrificing the bathroom décor. Give your bathroom some life and enjoy an oasis of elegance and calm in your home!

Text: Porcelanosa