In selecting bathroom tile for yourVancouver home, it’s important to choose tiles that offer lasting performanceand optimal value for the long-term. Our experienced team at FontileKitchen & Bath. is known for offering the best bathroom tile options onthe Vancouver marketplace. And within our latest post, we’re highlighting whyhomeowners in Vancouver are now choosing porcelain tile for theirbathroom spaces.


One of the leading benefits of porcelain isit offers a higher level of hardness compared with other ceramic products. Thishelps protect the tile against damage when an object is dropped in the home orfurniture is moved across the porcelain floor.

Resistance to moisture

Many homeowners are now selecting porcelaintile because the product is highly resistant to moisture. It can be usedthroughout the bathroom and kitchen spaces because it won’t stain throughrepeat exposure to water. The product is also easy to maintain when a waterspill occurs and will remain in optimal condition for many years with aneffective maintenance process in place.

Resistance to cleaning agents

Bathroom and kitchen spaces must be cleanedregularly to avoid bacterial contamination. A key benefit of working withporcelain bathroom tile is that the product is more resistant to cleaningagents than ceramic, and so you have less odds of having to spend timerepairing damage due to harsh chemicals. The caution is that many glossy tiles and metallic glazescan scratch with the use of harsh chemicals. Also, unless the tiles areinstalled using an epoxy grout, harsh chemicals WILL erode grout.So inother word, just don’t take a chance on using harsh chemicals to clean yourtiles and if there is an accidental spill, clean it up with some urgency.

Wide range of colours and textures

Another benefit of porcelain is that it canbe designed to suit the requirements for bathroom tile in homes acrossVancouver. Because the material is available in a range of colours andtextures, it offers the ideal level of value for improving the home andblending in with current home décor.

WeCan Help

Working with an experienced porcelainbathroom tile specialist can ensure you find the right product at the rightprice for your work with homeowners throughout the region. To explore moreabout our complete range of tile products, please call us today!