Installing mosaic tiles or the Euro tiles available from Fontile Kitchen &Bath offer endless opportunities for experimentation and creativityin the home. For this reason, tile installationmight seem a little daunting at first, but don’t worry, we’ve collected someexpert tips for you below.

Here are some tips togive you inspiration for your tile installation project.

Artistic &Abstract Tile Patterns

More abstract tile patterns can be great ways to create afocal point in certain rooms while still maintaining a unique and modern feel. Abstractkitchen backsplashes or tile mosaics in the bathrooms can create a sense ofmovement, giving rooms a livelier feel. Artistic patterns and designs, such asflowers or other images, are ideal for floors, outdoor centerpieces, andexterior walls.

Geometric Patterns

If you want to give your home a remarkably modern orcontemporary look, geometric tile patterns or designs are ideal. To create a statementin a more high-traffic environment, geometric flooring does the trick and alsoensures the area is relatively easy to clean. For this style, areas such asbathrooms, outdoor patios, and pool decks work best.

Textural Tile Designs

Want to create a little texture in the home? With tiles theoptions are expansive. Homeowners can install natural stone tiles to bring abit of nature inside. Opting for a raised or recessed tile pattern can also addtexture to an otherwise average room. Just be sure that the textured look youcreate offers an even backdrop in tandem with your color scheme.

Fontile Kitchen &Bath carries mosaic tiles to help create a unique look!

Want a unique bathroom or kitchen tile design? Our Eurotiles and floor and wall options will provide you with an endless amount ofcolors, textures, and designs. Contact our team for more today.