Home décor like everything else around us is rapidly changing, 2024 interior design trends are already here. Through the following article, we are going to explore 12 of them (one for every month); interior design trends that are fresh, eye-catching and of the moment.

You’ll be noticing these trends more and more as the year progresses. We are going to break them down for you and explain how best to incorporate these ideas into your home. The trick with interior design trends is always to match them to your individual style. 2024 is no different, we recommend thinking long-term in choosing styles and trends that will stand the test of time.

Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to keep abreast with what’s happening in the interior design world generally. The following ideas might provide inspiration or reinforce decisions that you’ve already taken. Whatever the case might be 2024 interior design trends are going to grab your attention this year: they are bold, thought-provoking and seductive.

#01     Monolithic volumes & surfaces

The joint-free floor look and countertop are going to be much more visible this year. Thanks to subtle advances in large floor tiles, the appearance of continuous flooring is still seducing us more than ever.

But flooring is not the only way through which this trend is being captured. More intriguingly the cladding of volumes such as kitchen worktopsislands and dining tables are benefitting from this practical and visually impacting trend. Large format tiles mean fewer joints and larger surfaces in a monolithic finish create the illusion of solidity and mass. Furthermore, the elimination of joints makes maintenance much easier and therefore more hygienic.

#02     Characterful architectural details

Whether it’s arches or wall coving, we are going to see more and more architectural details during the year ahead. Wall panelling has been trending for a while now but is now being accompanied by more structural features.

The arch is a classic motif and together with profiles and other wall treatments like skirting boards and architraves add character. Suitable for any space in the home and especially for larger rooms like living areas. It’s all about customized flourishes and personal additions in 2024 interior design trends.

#03     Softer massing and designer furniture

Fitwall® Wave white Sand

The chunkier square silhouette of previous years is giving way to a more organic design expression. Edges and silhouettes will be softer and more rounded in the year ahead.

The approach is expressed in furniture and wall treatments. Sofas, coffee tables and decorative objects with scalloped edging and gentle geometric curves add a romantic whimsical quality to rooms. Mix and match rational and softer silhouettes in the same space to get a lead on this trend.

#04     Dedicated home office space

One of the most bankable 2024 interior design trends is the home office. Its décor draws on centuries of precedent, the library or study was a staple in older homes. Nowadays working from home is here to stay and where we work influences the quality of that time and efficiency. Whether it’s a dedicated room or the corner of the living room, the design and layout will be influenced by the other trends described here.

#05     Biophilic design

The creation of a more fluid relationship between the indoors and the outdoors is going to be even more necessary in 2024. The biophilic design trend is inspired by blurring the boundary between inside and outside. This can involve organic and natural materials like wood and stone, as well as abundant potted plants.

Irregularly shaped furniture and layout configurations also help soften interior spaces. Choose a handmade crafted design to bring the look and feel of biophilic interior spaces into your home.

Bathroom with an integrated vertical garden

#06     Statement stone

Another of the 2024 interior design trends that will be consolidated this year is natural stone aesthetics. But with a more playful application and daring material palette, in other words, more varied stones that have trended over recent years.

Daring colours like Calacatta Viola and veined green marble in large bathroom wall tiles will be more visible this year. Not just on walls but on other surfaces around the home. Stone always looks good and therefore will never be out of fashion.

Vendome Polished Slab

#07     Sustainable & natural design

The basis for almost everything decor-related this year is going to be influenced by sustainability. This is going to be a classic win-win scenario for design. The carbon footprint of the materials we choose will be as important as their looks.

Reconstituted stone, timber, organic fibres and metals will be everywhere this year. Rain effect shower heads, vertical gardenstactile finishes and biophilic design are among the 2024 interior design trends to watch.

#08     Classic patterns re-imagined

Stripes, polka-dots, chequers and floral motifs are coming back big time this year. The timeless classic patterns are going to be expressed on wallpaperstextured tiles and fabrics.

The trend represents a softer more nuanced version of the maximalist style décor. But more refined and personalised. Mix and match the patterns in different expressions for maximum effect.

Split Concave Brown

#09    Colour in 2024 Interior Design Trends

Colour is back. That’s not to say that neutral shades like grey or monochrome are suddenly going to disappear. Just that we are going to be seeing a lot more playful and creative colour palettes in 2024 interior colour trends.

Peach Fuzz is the Pantone colour of the year and a case in point, it’s optimistic yet evocative. The pastel shade is easy to combine with a range of colours yet has a presence. Look out for strong jewel tones as part of interior colour trends, used sparingly, however. As well as colour drenching, a monochromatic approach where an entire room (walls, ceiling and joinery) is decorated in the same tone.

#10     Hidden storage

Technology is going to be part of interiors whether we like it or not this year. But appliances and high-tech devices are not necessarily going to be on display.

There will be a move towards keeping technology housed within more traditional storage elements. Like dedicated appliances cupboards (or garages) in kitchens; concealed technology in living rooms; and camouflaging TV monitors as framed paintings or behind sliding panels. The idea is to maintain the benefits of technology’s creature comforts but with a more craft-based look.

Skins Empyreal Serpentine Titanium Wallpaper

#11     Tactile upholstery and finishes

Wall texture finishes and fabrics will continue to gain popularity in 2024 interior design trends. The textured 3D finishes approach is a reaction to the increasing presence of technology in our lives. Tactile wallpapers, 3D wall tiles, textured kitchen cabinet doors and upholstered bouclé fabrics invite the human hand to touch and feel the finish. Thick woollens and heavy weaves in sofa throws, textured tiles and organic rattan or wicker furniture are going to go from strength to strength this year.

#12     Fluid open-plan spaces

The open-plan kitchen living room incorporating a dining area has long been established within home décor. This year however a more flexible layout is trending.

The different zones are still physically and visually connected but can be compartmentalised. Devices such as sliding doors, Cristal glazing and angular spatial relationships will provide a much more nuanced connection. The same goes for bedrooms and bathrooms where strict divisions blur to enjoy a more generous and light-filled space.

Gent Roble Floor + Viola Rosse Silk Slab Wall

Text: Porcelanosa