The unique characteristics and aesthetic qualities of marble effect tiles explain their special attraction.

The sophistication and elegance of marble is capable of creating interiors of indescribable beauty. And marble-effect tiles are up to the task. The performance of this timeless material makes it possible to decorate different spaces, simulating the aesthetic richness of this natural stone.

The use of marble inspires creativity in kitchens. In bathrooms, marble makes the shower experience almost sacred or extraordinary. And there is nothing more striking than marble cladding at the entrance. Undoubtedly, decorating homes with marble-effect tiles conveys elegance, elevating the visual perception of spaces.

The technologies used in the production plants of PORCELANOSA for the printing of ceramic pieces, allow the graphics of the marble effect tiles to have an excellent realism. For today’s post, we have selected 6 marble-effect ceramic models. These featured collections perfectly illustrate the decorative level of the marble look for different areas of the house.

Innate elegance: white marble-effect tiles

Floor – Marvel Polish 24×48

Of all the colour options that we associate with marble, white ranks first. The same is true when we choose ceramics that simulate marble. Among its many advantages are its reflective qualities, especially with the polished finish. These qualities of the polished finish allow the furniture to be reflected, opening up the volume of the room. In addition, these tiles bring luminosity to spaces.

The marble effect for flooring, especially the polished one, is a good choice for spaces where the surfaces are intended to decorate the environment. This option can be applied in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, benefiting from the contemporary and timeless design of marble.

Classic elegance in the bathroom

The holy grail of bathroom finishes is the continuous marble surface. Placing marble effect pieces on walls of bathrooms helps to set the mood, teleporting you back to historic bathrooms. By using contrasting accessories, you will achieve a striking room with a style all of its own.

The Massa cladding design features grey veins on a white background. This collection creates a visually homogeneous appearance of the space. Massa ‘s grain appears fluid throughout the space, and its finish evokes hygiene and cleanliness. The white colour helps to reflect the glow in the space, while the grey adds character.

Wall – Massa Polish 24×60

A striking contrast: black marble-effect tiles

To create drama in home décor, nothing beats marble finishes. Grey and black marble turns dull spaces into environments with an interesting and sophisticated design.

It is very common to find black marble effect tiles in bathrooms, backsplashes, kitchen islands, hallways or even dining rooms. Depending on the veining and the chosen decoration, black can dress up a traditional room, or a very modern and fresh one.

The powerful aesthetic of Nylo Noir Polished is very suitable for floors and walls. Like a painter’s canvas, these marble effect tiles need a large surface to show off their design. However, when combined, the look is enveloping. Nylo Noir Polished brings theatrical exuberance and artistic strength to functional and public areas of a home, such as the living room.

Wall – Nylo Noir Polish 48×48

Contemporary style: grey marble effect tiles

The colour grey has become one of the favorite trends in home interiors. Grey is always elegant, easily creating contemporary atmospheres. However, to avoid design clichés, we recommend a more personal approach. Grey marble-effect ceramics have all the beauty of this versatile and neutral tone.

The Indic collection has a rich veining with a mottled light grey tone on an off-white background. Its contemporary look is very flattering with neutral shades and the most striking colour palette. This gives the room personality.

In addition, grey marble-effect ceramic takes the best of the main shades. It is an appropriate choice for floors when you want to camouflage the existence of marks, scratches or dirt. On the other hand, grey, in an intermediate shade, allows spaces to feel more intimate, without appearing smaller.

Floor & Wall – Indic Matt

Exclusivity and warmth

The Sochi model recreates in an extraordinary way the beauty of the slow formation of marble over the centuries. Its pattern has a graphic and chromatic richness that perfectly simulates the art of nature and onyx stone. The natural wood or wood-effect floors help to emphasize the amber and golden notes of Sochi.

If you want to elevate the elegance and exclusivity of a room, use this marble effect collection on walls. Its design evokes warmth and style. The subtle mix of colour tones includes bronze, gold, amber and grey. Therefore, Sochi is recommended to dress walls and floors with a timeless style, and with character.

Wall – Sochi Polish 24×48

Style and versatility

When you think of a marble-effect tile, the classic Carrara tile probably springs to mind. This well-known model is named after the Italian region where a spectacular marble quarry is located. The Dolomiti collection, through its rich veining, draws the perfect blend of grey and white.

Since ancient times, grey and white marble has adorned floors all over the world. Today, this monochrome combination has lost none of its appeal. In fact, grey and white is the best choice for a modern, clean design.

Floor – Dolomite Matt 48×48

The decorative possibilities of marble effect tiles

Traditionally, we associate marble effect tiles with their installation on floors. Gradually, we have discovered the results of applying the marble effect to walls. Technology, creativity and the search for original and soulful interiors have led to the application of materials in hitherto unexplored places.

In this way, rooms come to life and dynamism, breaking with design patterns and routines. For example, the marble effect worktop in kitchens elevates the aesthetics of this space of daily use and where guests are often invited in. At the same time, they can also be used in bathrooms: the marble effect worktop for washbasins lends an exquisite and delicate appearance. The natural marble pattern multiplies the range of possibilities and applications.

Another trendy use of the marble effect is on tables (XTONE). To dress up living rooms and reinforce their image, opt for a marble-effect table. They will enhance the aesthetics of the room and act as a sculptural piece, attracting all eyes. With the presence of a marble effect table, you don’t need any other elements. The table takes on the decorative power on its own.

A touch of elegance with marble-effect tiles

In short, the elegance and versatility of marble effect tiles is a perfect option for homes. Its application can be found in different elements: floors, walls, furniture, countertops, tables, accessories… This effect brings a sophisticated and timeless touch to any room, providing an exclusive look, without the need to use natural marble. This alternative is more accessible and easy to maintain.

Classic shades of white and grey predominate in this trend, but bolder and more colorful options can also be found. The marble effect adapts to a variety of decorative styles, from a traditional to a more avant-garde environment. Its refined aesthetic transforms home spaces in a subtle but striking way.

Text: Porcelanosa