Discover the many tricks to create space and make a small terrace pretty.

Terraces are the hidden treasure of houses. With careful planning and the right accessories, small terraces can be turned into charming, welcoming spaces with a special feel.

In this article you can explore the various decoration ideas that will inspire you to make the most of the space in a small terrace. From the choice of furniture to lighting and plants, find out how to create an outdoor oasis.

  • Planning and optimization

    The key to decorating a small terrace lies in the planning and distribution of the different elements. Before you start optimizing the space, assess the size and shape of the small terrace. Do this by taking accurate measurements and keeping the space limitations in mind.
    Later, you will have to think about how you will use the small terrace. There are several options: rest area, outdoor dining room, workout space… Once you’ve decided on your needs, you will choose the furniture and accessories that fit the size of your small terrace.

  • Multifunctional and versatile furniture

    On small, modern terraces, every square inch counts. Opting for practical and versatile furniture, such as folding tables, stackable chairs and storage benches, is a very good decision. A custom workbench can also be installed to fully leverage the corners of any small terrace. First and foremost, choose simple furniture and avoid bulky designs that take up too much space.
    Instead, we recommend furniture that can be put away easily. Go with outdoor furniture made of light and durable materials, such as synthetic wicker or aluminum. These furniture options for small terraces will help you get the most from the area.

  • Colors and textiles

    The choice of colors is essential, since they can make a huge difference in how the size of a small terrace is perceived. Choose light, neutral tones that give a sense of spaciousness, such as white, beige or light grey. Adding cushions, carpets or blankets can help decorate a small terrace. Also, be sure to use textiles that are waterproof or at least easy to clean.

  • Plants

    Cute, small terraces with plants and flowers can create a welcoming atmosphere. Succulents, cacti and aromatic herbs are small plants that are excellent options for placing on a small terrace. This type of vegetation adds life and freshness to a setting without taking up much space.

  • Maximize the vertical space

    The shortage of space on a small terrace makes it necessary to look for solutions that expand the storage capacity. Along these same lines, you should try to maximize the areas available for decorating small terraces, such as walls. To counteract the limited floor space, hanging pots and vertical planters are good alternatives.

  • Adequate lighting

    By installing wreaths, lights, lamps or candles, you can use lighting to transform your small terrace. The way in which soft and warm lights highlight certain decorative elements creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Remember the importance of functional lighting to guarantee safety and comfort when using a small terrace at night.

  • Decorative accessories

    Small details make all the difference when decorating small terraces. Elements like vases, sculptures, mirrors and paintings can give style to a space. Another appealing option is to choose objects that showcase your personal tastes or hobbies to customize small terraces.
    To increase the sense of luminosity, add a touch of color with flower pots or cushions. That’s a sure-fire way to decorate small terraces. And if you’re looking for an even more natural style, choose furniture made with natural materials such as wood, wicker or synthetic rattan in neutral colors.

  • Privacy and protection

    When the small terrace is exposed to prying eyes, consider installing elements to help ensure your privacy. Bamboo panels or a trellis with climbing plants will increase privacy. And as a complement, to protect the terrace from the sun and rain, uses awnings, umbrellas or pergolas.

  • Some extras

    To make a small terrace feel completely pleasant and welcoming, add extra touches such as soft music, pleasant, scented candles or Mikado air fresheners. Their relaxing properties will help you enjoy your little outdoor oasis even more.

  • Floor and wall tiles

    The floor is one of the main factors that can make small terraces look larger. This can be achieved by choosing the right color. Lighter, softer tones increase the sense of spaciousness and brightness of a room.
    In addition, the look of the flooring – wood, cement, stone or marble – will determine the decoration style of small terraces. On the wall, you can also apply tiles that enhance the aesthetic value of the room, to achieve, for example, small modern terraces.

Decorating a small terrace with charm requires a great dose of ingenuitycreativity and attention to detail. Make the most of the available space, choose the right furniture and make room for decorative plants and elements to create a welcoming atmosphere. Add personality with your choice of textiles and careful lighting.

With these tips and ideas, you can create charming small terraces. Create spaces that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors or a sunny day while reading a novel or having an appetiser.

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Text: Porcelanosa