A neutral colour scheme, minimalist décor and abundant natural light are the very definition of Nordic style living rooms.

Nordic style living rooms are one of the most coveted trends in interior design. Characterized by simplicity and a clean aesthetic, the style brings brightness and warmth to one of the most important rooms in the home.

The charm of Nordic living rooms

Nordic style is rooted in Scandinavian countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It emerged in the fifties in response to a more functional wave of minimalism. This movement put bright and welcoming interiors front and center; ideal for the long, dark winters of northern Europe. Scandinavian designers took inspiration from nature. They used lighter hues and natural materials, ushering the beauty outdoors into their homes.

White predominates in Nordic styles, in a bid to combat the stark lack of light in the region. Beige hues are another favorite, bringing in as much natural light as possible. This is what makes living rooms the perfect setting for pure, unadulterated Nordic style.

Nordic Style Living Room

Heritage Anthracite + Alicante + Tarragona + Madrid ceramic tiles.

Nordic style living room staples

It’s time to think beyond the confines of white and wood. You can even combine this style with other aesthetics like Japanese: meet Japandi interiors. Hints of colour are welcome, but nothing too glaring. Introduce colour on textiles or simple, refined decorative objects. Symmetry, order and balance are key. These are the most important features of Nordic style living rooms:

  • Neutral colours. Soft, neutral colours are one of the hallmarks of Nordic style. Create a bright yet tranquil ambience with whites, greys and earthy hues; on the walls, ceilings and furniture.
  • Natural materials. Wood, leather, wool and more: natural materials are Nordic living room design essentials. Lighter shades of wood on the floors, furnishings and accessories add warmth and texture to your décor scheme.
  • Brightness. Nordic style is all about abundant natural light. Large, clear windows allow the light to flood in, whilst lightweight curtains or blinds give you the option to adjust the brightness.
  • Functional furniture. Functionality is a key principle of the trend. Think sleek and simple pieces with clean lines and an emphasis on practicality when choosing your Nordic style living room furniture. This doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort: go for comfortable sofas and chairs free from ostentatious detailing.
  • Hints of colour. Nordic style may call for a minimalist approach to colour, but colour is often introduced to break the monotony. Add visual interest with cushions, blankets or small decorative objects in pastel or other soft colours.
Nordic Style Living Room

Antracita (Anthracite) Metropolitan Nature + Tanzania Nut PAR-KER® by Porcelanosa

Tips and tricks for a winning Nordic style living room

Now we’ve looked at the principles of Nordic living room style, it’s time for our tips and tricks for your Nordic living room design:

1 – Nordic style living room furnishings. Opt for sofas and chairs with clean lines and simple forms. The most common choices are neutral fabric or leather sofas. To add comfort and warmth, add cushions and blankets in natural fabrics. Gamadecor offers a wide range of living room furniture that suits this style to perfection.

2 – White walls. White walls are the ideal blank canvas for your Nordic style living room. You could also add black and white elements to break things up a little, or you could even add a subtle feature wall in a soft hue.

3 – Coffee table. Coffee tables crafted from light wood or glass are the perfect fit for your Nordic style living room. You could also switch things up with ceramic materials by Porcelanosa or even XTONE sintered stone. Just make sure you get the shade right. Decorate the space with design books or candles.

4 – Rugs. Wool or cotton rugs in soft shades lend the space a cozier feel, and can be used to zone the different spaces in your Nordic style living room. Simple or geometric designs work well.

5 – Plants and nature. Given that Nordic style takes inspiration from nature, plants are your go-to accessory. Ferns, cacti or other pot plants are ideal, and breathe life into the space.

6 – Wood flooring. Wooden floors – such as those by L’Antic Colonial – are a Nordic style icon. Lighter wood with a subtle grain is perfect for keeping the atmosphere bright and relaxed.

7 – Furniture with storage. Organization and functionality are key tenets of the trend. When you’re choosing Nordic style living room furniture, consider pieces with a decent storage capacity. Think open shelving or minimalist cabinets.

8 – Lighting. Scandinavian pendant light designs provide ideal living room lighting. The Gamadecor lighting range includes a number of options to give you a warm and functional Nordic feel. You could also add floor lamps with shades in light fabric, giving off a wonderfully soft and pleasant light.

9 – Scandinavian detailing. Adding delicate Scandinavian accents like cushions in geometric patterns, knit blankets or scented candles will add an authentic feel to the space.

10 – Art and personal decorations. Last but not least, it’s time to personalize your living room with art or decorative pieces that reflect your tastes.

The hygge influence on Nordic style living rooms

Nordic Style Living Room

Nature 1L Grey Parquet + Grey Leather Skins Empyreal by L’Antic Colonial

Hygge is a Danish concept that’s been making waves in recent years. It’s all about comfortwellbeing and contentment. More than an interior design fad, it’s a philosophy seeking to create warm and welcoming spaces.

Nordic style and hygge share similar values and principles. Creating warm and comfortable settings, promoting relaxation, connecting with the people with people around us, using natural elements and putting quality time front and center are just some of the aspects of hygge you can incorporate into your Nordic style living room. This winning blend of styles is guaranteed to create cozy, relaxing spaces encouraging happiness and connecting with the people around you. It reflects the beauty of Scandinavian culture.

Elegant and timeless Nordic style living room

Ultimately, your Nordic style living room design should put simplicity, functionality and ease first. Neutral colours, functional furniture, abundant natural light and natural elements are the very foundations of the trend. What could be more perfect for a stylish, timeless and welcoming room?

Text: Porcelanosa