Designs heavily inspired by nature for furniture, floor and wall decor

The large format porcelain tile has become one of PORCELANOSA Group‘s main commitments, with an investment of 55 million euros

in a new production plant for this type of material in which the most cutting-edge technology is used.

The large format porcelain tile firm, XTONE®, presents new designs in neutral tones and polished, natural and textured finishes, with formats for countertops (160 cm x 320 cm x 1.2 cm), floor tiles and wall tiles (150 cm x 300 cm x 0.6 cm).

Alpinus and Argos Black are the marble-inspired designs: the former reproduces the Brazilian stone, while the latter’s veining creates striking contrasts to give shape to exuberant and exotic compositions.

The new models that borrow the aesthetic of stone are Montreal Ice and Pietra Sicilia. The Montreal Ice design brings strength and light to spaces thanks to its whitish color. The greyish background and subtle geometric pattern of Pietra Sicilia are reminiscent of Italian marble.

Wood also features in the new XTONE® collections thanks to the effects of Ewood Nut and Ewood White. The intense colour of Ewood Nut is characterized by refinement, beauty and comfort. The White series emulates the white tone of beech wood, a true nod to nature.

Preserving the nuances and textures of steel, the Steel Deep Blue model provides a fascinating dark surface, perfect for more futuristic projects.

International expansion of large format

Last November, XTONE®, announced the opening of twenty product exhibition centers across Spain, Germany, United States, Scotland (Great Britain), France, Italy and Brazil.

In this way, XTONE® strengthens its position as a leading company in large format surfaces both nationally and worldwide with the creation of its own extensive distribution network to project its business and brand image.

At these Library centres, visitors will be able to see a selection of large format porcelain and natural stone materials. For natural stone, the measurements vary according to the stone block that is extracted for each slab, with thicknesses of 20 and 30 mm.

Each of the distribution centres offers a customised comprehensive serviceaimed at professionals, using digital tools. With the opening of the new large format porcelain production plant, Porcelanosa provides solidity to the emerging XTONE® project, ensuring the continued supply of the Library centres.

Text: Porcelanosa