In choosing porcelain tiles for your homein Vancouver, it’s likely you have a range of options under consideration.Perhaps the most popular in the 2018 marketplace is wood-look porcelain tilesthat combine the natural appeal of wood with the moisture resistance anddurability of porcelain. In this post, our teamat Fontile Kitchen & Bath highlights the benefits of working with wood-lookporcelaintiles in the Vancouver home.

A traditional design option

One of the leading reasons many arechoosing wood-look porcelain tiles for their Vancouverhome is that the product offers a traditional design appeal that helpstranscend the trends in the marketplace. The porcelain product offers inherentdurability that you might not find with wood naturally, and yet you maintainthe aesthetic value of the wood. Wood’s appearance lends a comfortable, cozyappeal to the home space that often cannot be achieved through the aestheticsof a stone tile.

Simple maintenance

Beyond the durability of the porcelaintile, perhaps one of the leading advantages it provides over natural woodflooring products is its limited maintenance needs. Porcelain doesn’t have tobe continually cleaned each week to maintain its shine and appeal. Stains canbe easy to remove if dealt with immediately, and porcelain is designed to holdits aesthetic value long into the future, without the need for additionalspecial cleaning agents or harsh chemicals. It’s the low maintenance option forthe modern, busy homeowner.

Number of options available

Another reason homeowners are now choosingwood-like porcelain tiles for their Vancouver home is the number of options inthe marketplace. There are now more porcelain tiles with the aesthetics of woodthan ever before and working with an expert such as Fontile Kitchen & Bathcan ensure the right tile is chosen for any home upgrade. For example, we offerour J-wood, which draws inspiration from weathered wood suffused with the oldstone aesthetic. The combination forms an old country appeal aligned with amodern era twist that helps it resonate in any home décor.

Our team at Fontile Kitchen& Bath can help youchoose porcelain tiles for your upcoming Vancouver renovation projects. Toexplore more, call us today.