In maintaining the value of your home andenhancing the environment throughout the property, it’s important you keep upwith the newest décor trends. Our experienced team at Fontile Kitchen &Bath has decades of experience in offering the latest tile products forthe home, and in this latest post, we’re exploring the newest tile trend –the use of natural stone tilesin the Vancouver home.

ü Marble

Marble tiles are known for their uniquepatterns which make for a one-of-a-kind appeal to the home space that canenhance any room in the property. Aleading option within our selection at Fontile Kitchen & Bath is our Habanamarble stone product, which is designed for superior classic aesthetics andhigh-level slip resistance. Care must be taken as marble, as with most stones,does scratch quite easily.

ü Slate

Slate is predominantly used in flooringapplications, where its ability to retain heat makes it the ideal option forcooler climates. The product also offers a high-resistance to staining due toits natural composition. And because slate requires little maintenance, theflooring option is perfect for busy families with many responsibilitiesthroughout the week. Slate flooring provides combines the contemporary and the classicaland can be used throughout the modern home.

Workwith Fontile Kitchen & Bath for Natural Stone Tiles

Our trusted team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has decades of experiencesupplying contractors with the highest quality stone tiles across the Vancouvermarketplace. We understand the challenge of meeting the high demands of today’shomeowners and can respond with a complete collection featuring some of thehighest quality natural stone tile products from across the globe. To discovermore about our selection and the latest trends in the décor marketplace, call us today.