The firm specializing in natural materials from PORCELANOSA Group launches a new brand that brings together its ceramic collections.

Inspired by the richness of tradition, S-tile fuses the authenticity of the past with the modernity of the present. Along with the new ceramic collections, L’Antic Colonial also presents different designs of its decorative wood panels, Split Stripes, and a wallpaper series, Skins Feel.

S-tile, elegance and craftsmanship in new collections

L’Antic Colonial is committed to new ceramic collections in the year of its 25th anniversary. An anniversary that the PORCELANOSA Group firm will celebrate with the launch of S-tile. The new brand will bring together more than twenty collections which have the richness and versatility of ceramics in common. A reflection of L’Antic Colonial’s commitment to design, tradition, innovation, love for craftsmanship and the search for beauty.

S-tile is a fusion between the elegance of traditional ceramics and the beauty of decorative ceramics. It also brings together the vintage charm of hydraulic ceramics and the perspective of 3D relief designs. A manifestation of beauty in a small format that invites you to explore the diversity of shapes, textures and colours that make up L’Antic Colonial’s ceramics.

Geo is one of the new ceramic collections that will be part of S-tile. This new wall tile series is presented as a stylish artistic expression. Consisting of 10 unique patterns, Geo fuses the simplicity of geometric shapes with a palette of six pastel colours. A unique three-dimensional canvas that adds dimension and dynamism to any space.

Warm interiors with Split Stripes decorative panels

Another of L’Antic Colonial’s great novelties for the 30th Porcelanosa International Exhibition is Split Stripes. The firm expands its catalogue of decorative wooden panels with a collection that adds a distinctive and warm touch.

With four colours available, Split Stripes generates a pattern of stripes made from natural wood that adds dimension, texture and beauty to the wall on which it is installed. In addition, it contributes to improving internal acoustics thanks to the FOAM sheet that serves as a base.

A versatile solution that fits any need or style thanks to the natural wood-covered MDF strips on the three visible sides. In this way, Split Stripes generates a sophisticated and timeless look in more comfortable and quiet spaces.

Split Series

Split Stripes Camel natural wood decorative panel by L’Antic Colonial.

Skins Feel, the evolution of wallpaper

For its part, L’Antic Colonial’s papel pintado collections are also expanding with a new series, Feel. Models that fuse the timeless elegance of textile inspiration with the modernity of the most contemporary lines.

Feel presents four new patterns in a palette of colours ranging from neutral tones to intense colours. A striped design, a chevron pattern and two interlaced patterns that, together with the wide range of colours, allow you to transform any space with style and sophistication.

Skins Walpaper

Skins Feel Linen wallpaper by L’Antic Colonial.

A quarter of a century committed to nature

Materials for living and feeling. It was under this premise that L’Antic Colonial was born in 1999. 25 years of history in which natural products have been the main protagonists in every space. L’Antic Colonial’s objective during this quarter of a century has been to offer high quality natural materials for contemporary architecture. A mission in which the commitment to sustainability has been a basic pillar.

Natural stones with unique textures, woods that transmit sensations, mosaics that tell stories and ceramics that fuse art and functionality. Elements that have defined the essence of L’Antic Colonial.

Text: Porcelanosa