The new products are defined by materials with multiple decorative possibilities and contemporary designs.

The company specializing in natural products, Porcelanosa, seeks to surprise at the 40th edition of the Italian fair. From decorative ceramics, bathroom fittings and mosaics, to sculptural pieces made of natural stone. A distinguished cast of elements to adorn spaces delicately and with sophistication.

Natural stone with character

Mysore is the new finish in the well-known Airslate collection by L’Antic Colonial. Its greenish tones combine perfectly with the whitish veins, turning this design into a slate with a lot of personality. Its slender profile and lightness are the main features of this large-format piece (120 cm x 250 cm).

Bruma: a beam of light that floods spaces

This new decorative mosaic by L’Antic Colonial is the ideal wall tile, the center of attention in any room where it is installed. This design, with a broken effect, alternates concave and flat pieces, generating a 3D volume that enhances the aesthetics of spaces.

The Bruma collection, made of glass and boasting a shine that exudes luminosity, is available in five shades: Blue, Cobalt, Green, Turquoise and White. Two shades of blue and green, and a white colour that make this mosaic the perfect element in any project.

Mosaic Bruma Cobalt

Nebula, attractive and inspiring design

Bold and innovative. This describes Nebula, small-format ceramics that, with their four shades, Blue, Brown, Green and White, give a modern and alternative look thanks to their rusted and worn effect.

An 8 cm x 30 cm x 0.85 cm size turns these pieces into true decorative elements. Waters, flashes and divergent reliefs comprise Nebula, creating a natural contrast between light and shadow.

Gobi, travertine in calm

Travertine is shaping up as one of the main trends in interior design. Gobi comes to L’Antic Colonial as a new collection made of this type of natural stone and available in two sizes: 30 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm and 60 cm x 120 cm x 2 cm.

A design that boasts a tone of beige that can transport you to a vast desert of calm. This travertine stone is processed to yield a pumiced finish that, together with the protection added by L’Antic Colonial, becomes a benchmark with a very clean and resistant aesthetic.

PICAT, the finesse of marble

The Yonoh studio once again delves into artisanal quarry techniques to suggest a new collection inspired by the bush-hammered effect. PICAT is a washbasin where the focus is not on the design, but on the use of different textures and finishes in the natural stone itself. This is how you can achieve a feeling of rusticity, where the protagonist is always the washbasin.

The concept was born out of creating a double skin in the marble, a perfectly polished surface, and a second layer that gives a glimpse into the real nature of the stone, with a more brutalist appearance. It is this elegant combination of layers and finishes that distinguishes the PICAT collection, consisting of a vessel sink, column and mirror.

Picat Lines, Persian White, Creta Mint

Text: Porcelanosa