The choice of materials and the layout of decorative items play a key role when decorating a master bedroom.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and they’re one of the most personal spaces in our homes. This is why we have to pay special attention to planning the decoration of master bedrooms.

When designing this space, we have to consider some preliminary steps: maximize natural light, plan the layout of each element and the color palette of each zone.

Define the decorative style of the main bedroom

The style and how the bedroom is going to be used will determine the design that will be applied to it. A master bedroom with a minimalist style will be very different from one decorated using a vintage or industrial look. Along these lines, we’ll propose a series of decoration tips for master bedrooms. They will allow you to apply the latest trends in decoration to the master bedroom naturally and harmoniously, regardless of its style.

Choosing the floor tiles in the master bedroom

The first step to improve the decoration of a master bedroom is to select the type of flooring that best reflects your style. There are various options, such as ceramic tiles, parquet flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. Here are some suggestions to make your choice easier.


Due to their high resistance, durability and easy maintenance, ceramic floor tiles are one of the most recommended options, especially those that take their inspiration from nature. In other words, they simulate finishes such as natural stone or wood. This type of flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating systems and will match any décor style.

To give a sense of spaciousness and continuity to the decoration of master bedrooms, large format ceramic floor tiles are an excellent choice. For example, the Newport White model by Porcelanosa (HIGHKER®) or the Lush White XLIGHT Premium by XTONE®. Both materials have neutral colors, soft textures and matte finishes that will help you achieve this effect.


If you want a warm and elegant look for your master bedroom, consider the natural woods of L’Antic Colonial. They might be the perfect material for creating that dream bedroom where you can relax in comfort.

Wood is one of the most popular choices for these spaces thanks to its resistanceinsulating properties, strength and reserved aesthetic. The L’Antic Colonial natural woods are available in a wide variety of textures, colors and grains. They are also environmentally-friendly and bear the FSC and PEFC sustainable construction seals.


Laminate flooring has an aesthetic that reproduces the grain and color of natural wood. They also create a protective barrier, increasing the floor’s resistance to moisture, impacts, scratches and extreme temperatures.


Vinyl flooring by L’Antic Colonial simulates the texture of textileswood or natural stone. It is also resistant to abrasion, impacts and moisture. Its finishes let you create a more timeless and restrained decoration for the master bedroom.

Ideas for decorating a master bedroom

The main bedroom often has a bathroom inside, known as an en suite bathroom. In these cases, achieving harmony between the materials and decoration in both will help to create an integrated space.

The master bedroom is usually the largest in the house. Modern ideas for decorating a master bedroom include ways to arrange or divide the space into zones. Furniture and lighting will help to define separate areas in the bedroom. However, ideas for today’s bedrooms start with the linen and location of the bed.

• The trend of layered pillows, textures and warm bedspreads is here to stay. Don’t forget that we spend more time in the bed than anywhere else in the room.
• The furniture of the master bedroom deserves its own featured section. The Ottoman storage cube is a decorative and functional piece. Similarly, the chaise lounge isn’t just a beautiful piece of furniture, it’s also practical for use during the day.
• If you have enough space, don’t place the bed against a wall. Try placing it against a full-height or mid-height separator, dividing the room into two areas. For example, a dressing area and a rest area.
• Create islands around the bedroom like you would in the living room. There can be a dressing area, a reading or sitting area, a personal hygiene or a make-up area; or simply a seat by the window.

Ideas for decorating a small master bedroom

When decorating a small master bedroom, it is important to consider any element that helps to create a sense of peace and tranquility in more limited spaces. That is why it is advisable to eliminate any disorder.

Small, cozy ideas for decorating a master bedroom. These suggestions guarantee results:

• Instead of a night table, install shelves that save space and have built-in reading lights.
• A storage bed is the best option for decorating small master bedrooms. Alternatively, shelves or containers can be added underneath the bed.
• The combination of colors should be simple or neutral. If you love colors, it is important that the different tones belong to the same color family. A prominent wall can make a small space look larger.
• Turn the headboard into a recessed and illuminated element. Another option is to create a headboard with ceramic or natural wood to save space.

Lighting ideas for modern master bedrooms

In addition to natural light, a bedroom also needs artificial light sources in its decoration. However, experts advise not turning on powerful artificial lights when you wake up in the middle of the night. This reduces the production of melatonin and breaks our circadian rhythms. Windows also need to be able to block light out completely.

There are many artificial lighting options for decorating master bedrooms. Floor and table lamps, reading lights next to the bed, etc. The chandelier is an ideal example of how modern ideas for wall lamps have evolved for decorating master bedrooms.

Choose a few matching wall lamps to complement the decoration in the preferred style. Illuminating walls with indirect light is softer and promotes sleep. It is a great alternative to a central ceiling light.

Turn the main bedroom into your most personal space

These are some of the ideas and trends that you can capture in the décor of a master bedroom. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bedroom is one of the most private and personal areas of the home. Start planning your space and create a comfortable zone that reflects your personal style.

Text: Porcelanosa