Have you been in search of a way to liven up your kitchen orbreathe new life into the downstairs bathroom? Floor and walltiles can be the perfect material, offering a style and durabilitymany other materials simply can’t.

Fontile Kitchen & Bath wanted to share some of their insight withyou and let you in on the secret of why so many incorporate wall and floortiles into their kitchen and bath design.

Using Decorative Tilesto Accent a Room

Using floor or wall tiles can be a great way to create aconversation piece. Stand-out colors and inspired designs can help you enhanceroom’s décor or offset your current design scheme a bit. You can also create acustom pattern of your own design, incorporating colors to match your interiordecorating scheme. Homeowners interested in creating some texture can even optfor recessed or raised patterns for an added dimension.

Limitless Color,Texture & Decorative Design Options

For homeowners heavy into design or those who simply want abit of a change for the kitchen and bathroom, there’s no shortage of options.Fontile Kitchen & Bath carries the latest in Euro tile, wall and floorceramics and more, making it easy to mix and match to find the perfect color orstyle for your project. Vintage black and white tiles can tell a story andoffer a historic Parisian look; terra cotta and aqua blue mosaic cantransform your master bath into a Mediterranean work of art.

Enhancements &Highlights for the Home

Darker grout will help bring out the design you choose whilelighter grout will provide a subtler appearance. Contrasting grout lines aregreat for creating bold backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom; similar groutlines for things such as tile flooring or countertops.

Fontile Kitchen &Bath carries Euro tiles and today’s leading brands!

Our extensive showroom features all of today’s leadingbrands of wall and floor tiles, as well as cabinets, wardrobes, chairs andother bed and bath accessories. Contact us today to learn moreabout our services.