The floor tile marketplace in Canada continues to grow year-on-year as companies across the globe send their latest products here. Whether homeowners are seeking the latest porcelain tiles or refined hardwood products for their living room spaces, buyers seeking an edge look for a wholesaler that has unique products that wow the end client. And within this latest article, the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath in Vancouver takes a look at three of the benefits achieved when buying their floor tile in the wholesale marketplace.

  1. Reduced Pricing

    One of the clear benefits of working with a trusted wholesaler is that products are often available far more cost-effectively than if sold through a retailer directly. This often means that Buyers can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on their purchase of a floor tile product when buying through a wholesale company who has just what they need in stock.

  2. Selection

    The wholesale marketplace often offers buyers a wider selection of floor tile products than the retail space. That’s because businesses in the retail marketplace must focus their stock on the products that are most popular to consumers in the current market. It means that wholesale customers are often able to access both this year’s most popular tile products and the tile products that are just being released by the top manufacturers. In some cases, wholesale floor tile companies in Vancouver are also able to offer access to last year’s most popular products as well, to ensure property owners gain access to the products they require. Find the perfect and unique product perfect for the project.

  3. Direct Product Access

    One of the most frustrating elements for the buyer is that oftentimes the company doesn’t have the exact product the project requires on short notice. This can mean that customers are left waiting several weeks for their products; meanwhile their required tile is actually available within the wholesale company’s inventory. By working directly with a wholesaler and buying through an established wholesale company, buyers can eliminate this common challenge and buy the products they want on short notice if need be and avoid project delays. It’s the leading-class service for optimal buying convenience.

The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has decades of experience offering Vancouver clients leading class floor tile products at wholesale pricing to the construction industry. To learn more on the company and their product line, contact their offices now at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at