Vancouver, British Columbia; February 2015: Fontile Kitchen and Bath, a leading tile and accessories company in the Vancouver area, is thrilled to present, among its other product lines, Pamas Slate. This partnership allows both Fontile and Pamas Slate to offer tiling and flooring solutions for any kitchen or bath renovation project where quality, brilliance, and affordability are of utmost importance.

Dedicated to skillful design and expert workmanship, Fontile inspires creativity through its wide array of kitchen and bath tile products, including marble, granite, glass mosaics, wood, and laminate flooring to ensure that every client can create exactly what they imagine. Consequently, Fontile is continually looking for exceptional products to add to its line.

As part of the Fontile family, Pamas Slate is proud to offer its fine grained metamorphic stone which is quarried from all parts of the globe, including Brazil, China, and Africa. Known as being environmentally friendly, Pamas Slate contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and because it has a low moisture absorption rate, the slate does not harbour bacteria.

Fontile purchased Pamas Slate as a sister company because of their extensive experience as tile suppliers. Vancouver homeowners can visit their showrooms and envision a customized and quality new look for any room.

About Fontile Kitchen and Bath

For over 50 years, Fontile Kitchen and Bath have been a leader in their industry thanks to their experienced and knowledgeable tile suppliers.