European style kitchen remodels include many stylish accents. Glass tile back splashes are all the rage with individuals who are looking for unique ways to bring out the best in their home. When it comes to buying Euro tiles in Vancouver, Fontile Kitchen& Bath tile store is the place to go. Their staff knows all of the latest trends in glass tiles and European kitchen remodels.

European Style Tile Backsplashes and Accents

Trends in Euro style include using a vertical design instead of a horizontal design. Extending backslashes all the way up behind the stove is also another common trend in European kitchens. When you use Euro style tiles and techniques in backslashes, you are actually creating a backdrop that draws out other more prominent features within the décor.

Tile Size and Direction

Tile size and direction can also add to the uniqueness of your kitchen back splash. Long, thin, glass or ceramic tiles can be turned to a vertical direction. This can also add to the illusion of size, especially if the back splash is rather small or lengthy. The same is true if the tiles are turned in a lengthwise or horizontal direction. Adding a design in the path of the tiles can break up the pattern and will draw attention to the area.

Colors, Textures, and Materials

Darker colors used in smaller spaces can add depth, while a lighter color an open up the area making it look larger and more spacious. The mixture of colors, textures, and materials you use will be reflective of the other materials in the room, as well as the overall style of the décor. Using blue, rippled, glass tiles are ideal for a kitchen that has a water motif. If the kitchen has a simple décor, solid colored glass tiles may be the best way to go.

The professional staff at Fontile Kitchen & Bath tile store can provide you with a Unique Euro Style can help you design the perfect kitchen for your home.This includes using Euro tiles and design. They can guide you through the process of building a back splash, or you can discuss allowing them to perform your European style kitchen remodel. Either way, your kitchen will shine with anew tile back splash and other accents that will make the entire room stand out.Visit their showroom to find out how the staff of Fontile Kitchen &Bath can help you create your perfect Euro style kitchen. Get a quote from us today.