Wood, mineral resins and ceramic decorative panels… a diversity of surface materials that allows a wide range of options for any decorative style or room.

Decorative panels have become one of the most popular solutions to enhance and transform spaces, adding a unique and stylish decorative touch. Easy to install and maintain, they are ideal for highlighting specific areas of a room, or hiding surface imperfections. The panels can be applied in a wide variety of environments, from homes to commercial spaces, and add a note of creativity and style. An increasingly popular trend that we will discuss in our next post.

Decorative panels for every room

Decorative wall panels improve the appearance of the wall and add character to the room. Manufactured in different materials, they come in a wide variety of styles and textures. Some common components are wood, PVC, metal, ceramic tiles and gypsum. Each adds a special and unique touch.

The most popular in the range of options are decorative wood panels. They provide warmth and are especially suited to traditional or rustic environments.

PVC panels and those made of mineral resins are lightweight, long life, and water-resistant. For this reason they are an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorative metal panels add a modern, industrial touch, while ceramic panels provide a handcrafted and sophisticated finish. Plaster panels are particularly versatile and allow the possibility of customized designs, such as reliefs and geometric shapes, and bring a note of contemporary elegance.

In addition to the wide variety of materials and styles, decorative panels are also available in different formats and sizes. Some cover complete walls, while others are used as individual panels or mosaics, adapting to the colors and textures of each room.

7 Benefits of decorative wall panels:

Decorative wall panels offer many benefits that make them an attractive option for a special and distinctive touch.

Easy to install. Decorative panels are quick to install and do not require a drying or pre-preparation process. They are a quick and simple solution to transforming the appearance of a room without major decoration work.

Ideal for soundproofing and thermal insulation. Some materials, such as wood, have natural properties that insulate against heat loss and sound reverberations. They create a pleasant, peaceful and energy efficient environment.

Extensive range of styles and materials. We offer an extensive range of decorative wall panels that provide a stunning solution for every style of room. They range from modern, minimalist options, to more classic and traditional designs.

Aesthetics. Decorative panels in a home or a shopping space bring an instant stylish feel to the environment. This gives a good impression to visitors, customers and potential buyers.

Easy maintenance. Decorative panels are easy to clean and maintain. Depending on the material used, use mild soapy water or a damp cloth to maintain the high quality of the first day.

Durable and resistant. Our decorative panels are made of the highest quality materials, thus ensuring a durable and stylish alternative.

Solution for imperfections. Decorative panels can be used to hide wall imperfections, such as cracks, stains or uneven surfaces. They provide a renewed surface without the need for costly repairs.

Variety of applications. Decorative panels are not only ideal for covering walls. They are an excellent option for finishing off ceilings, furniture and other architectural elements, and this way creating consistency and harmony in the decoration of a room.

Versatility in public and private spaces

One of the main characteristics of decorative panels is their versatility. They are suitable for decorating all types of spaces, ranging from living rooms to commercial properties to work spaces.

For the comfort and warmth of the home

In a living room, decorative panels such as Fitwall® Shades White Sand by Krion will be a contemporary and sophisticated focal point, transmitting sensations and atmospheres to create distraints.

Natural wood decorative panels, such as Split Convex Natural by L’Antic Colonial, installed on an office wall will add a touch of style and distinction.

In the bathroom, the Baltic Bookmatch ceramic panels by Porcelanosa would be an ideal solution, highlighting the beauty of marble effect design.

Unique atmospheres in public spaces

In commercial spaces, such as restaurants, clinics and shops, decorative panels can be used to highlight brand identity and create a unique and attractive atmosphere.

In offices and work areas, decorative panels can also help create a more pleasant and stimulating environment, thus improving employee satisfaction.

In short, decorative panels bring a sense of style and elegance to any space. With a wide variety of materials, styles and formats, these versatile pieces offer a multitude of possibilities to improve aesthetics and add a special touch in homes and shopping spaces.

Text: Porcelanosa