Smaller tiles on floors and walls were onceused as part of complex patterns and designs. But this past trend has now madeway for large-format porcelain tile. Our team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath has greatexperience working with large-format tile options, and we now offer a completeselection of quality tile through our business with Porcelanosa. In this newpost, we’ll explore more about the value that large-format porcelaintile can bring to the Vancouver home.

Moderna small bathroom with large-format tile upgrades

Many Vancouver homeowners now using porcelaintile to upgrade the small bathroom in their home. They are modernizing thespace using products such as Aura Gold XLIGHT, which combines rich, whitemarble and bold gold accents. This helps to trick the eye into visualizing alarger bathroom and presents a bolder aesthetic for homeowners to enjoy.

Getinspired by nature to present a traditional appeal

Combining a modern aesthetic withtraditional materials can help provide significant value when using porcelaintiles in the home. One of the leading large-format options in the marketplaceis the Bosco Grey product, which is part of the XLIGHT Premium Collection, fromPorcelanosa. Bosco Grey offers a three-dimensional appearance that captures theimagination within the home and uses shimmering white veining to dramaticeffect as part of a cohesive interior design.

Effortlessdesigns created for customized appeal

One of the challenges many Vancouverhomeowners face in choosing porcelain tile is finding a product aligned withtheir own personal perspective on design value. Large-format tile options aredesigned in response to this challenge. Consider, for example, the XLIGHTConcrete Beige, Concrete Black and Concrete Grey Nature products, which areboth striking on their own merit and will blend with any room design. It’s acombination of seamless design appeal and structural quality that iscaptivating homeowners throughout the region.

To learn more on the latest porcelain tileoptions for your home, call our experiencedteam at Fontile Kitchen & Bath today.