Fontile’s  Façade systems offer an extensive range of products from the Porcelanosa family providing the industry with innovative construction solutions for today’s architectural challenges. Our ventilated façade systems provide drainage, ventilation, and thermal solutions, as well as finished non-porous panels that can be installed with visible or invisible clip systems on any type of building.

These ventilated systems allow for a continuous exchange of air between the exterior walls and the interior cavity creating a chimney effect that assists in removing any moisture or mold build-up, keeping the building dry, and improving the thermal conditions inside the building.

There are many advantages when using a ventilated system as opposed to traditional systems.  Here are some important ones below:

–           It promotes energy saving and reduces electrical consumption by up to 30%.

–           It improves thermal insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.

–           It increases the health of the building and has a greater resistance to extreme temperatures or humidity.

–           Less maintenance and more durability. By not needing constant revisions, as is the case with traditional facades, this system improves useful life and is better integrated into the urban environment.

–           It reduces execution times on-site and optimizes human resources

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