Here’s something that should make it easierfor you to choose between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles the next time yougo shopping in Vancouver. Porcelain tiles areharder than ceramic tiles and may offer greater design flexibility, but theyare essentially the same breed of tile in the sense that they are both madefrom clay and other naturally occurring materials fired in a kiln. They areboth from the ceramic family, although there are some key differentiators that can make a difference when it comes to choosing between the two.

How They Absorb Water

This is an important fact that separates porcelain from ceramic and affects how and where they are to be used. The waterabsorption rate for porcelain is around 0.5%, which is lower than that of ceramic. This is determined during the manufacturing process when the fired tile is boiled at high temperatures and rested in water for24 hours. If it increases by less than 0.5% in weight after soaking, it is considered ‘porcelain’.

Brands Make A Difference

Only the right certification determines when porcelain can be called and branded ‘porcelain’. It has to meetcertain standards, so ask about them before making a purchase.

Where To Use Them

Whether it is porcelain tiles, ceramictiles or Spanish porcelain tiles, you have to choose the right ones for interiors and exteriors in Vancouver. Ceramic, for example, is not durable enough to survive external conditions because they tend to crack during awinter freeze.

Weighing The Benefits

To put it all in a nutshell, porcelaintiles are made from a densermaterial that helps keep water out.

Get Porcelain Tiles In Vancouver

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