The new designs and textures have been created at the new XTONE® production facility, harnessing innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to yield products with truly unique characteristics.

Designing unique concepts

Once again, XTONE® breaks away from the traditional lifestyle concept with a more conceptual, architectural design that puts raw materials front and centre. Tangible textures and designs play a lead role in the collections presented by the firm at Cersaie. From fossil-inspired surfaces and marble finishes, to majestic gold and glimmering sparkles with astonishing depth.

Tura, a digitalized fossil collection

The new Tura collection contains a whole world of fossils, encapsulated by the latest sintered stone manufacturing technology. Its surface reveals delicately inlaid fossils. These fossil images penetrate deep into the material; layers of flecks are applied through the full body to give it texture. A genuine digitalized fossil collection blending old and new – and the results are timeless.

Calatorao, the purest essence of marble

The beauty of the oldest quarries is translated into a timeless design. Calatorao has an intense and uniform brown colour that captures the eye. The smooth, homogeneous surface creates a sense of serene elegance. The deep shades and uniform texture lend a striking visual presence to each Calatorao piece. A fine and elegant design that reveals the purest essence of marble.

Doré, a majestic display of gilded luxury

This collection captures the luxury and splendor of gold, with a striking aged texture that evokes the relics of old. Doré’s hypnotic luminosity entices you to walk across the surface and journey to the world’s origins and ancient civilizations. Elegant and dignified, this new take on gold adorns spaces with a strikingly luxurious air.

Alpinus White, crystals with glittering micro sparkles

It stole the show at the 29th edition of the Porcelanosa International Exhibition, and has now landed at Cersaie 2023 with an even more impressive design. The new Comet decoration technique has been added to the Texture finish, applying shiny particles in selected areas to achieve a shimmering effect. The sparkling flecks of Alpinus White are paired with tiny crystals, enhancing the look of this majestic representation of the Brazilian stone.

The creative potential of sintered stone

XTONE® is made with the wow factor in mind. Visitors interact and engage with the surfaces, and ground-breaking designs and finishes transport them back to the material’s origins, awakening their senses. A revolution in large-format sintered stone.

Alpinus White

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Text: Porcelanosa